Libra (September 21October 20)

Youve been swimming upstream for a while now; no wonder youre exhausted. All of these obstacles are there for a reason; you can feel confident that you will find a way to overcome them. Itll all be worth it in the end.

Scorpio (October 21November 20)

You might be questioning whether or not you deserve the good things that are happening in your life. Try and put your mind at ease; these things are happening because you earned them. Enjoy the positive path youre on.

Sagittarius (November 21December 20)

It might be time to take off those rose-colored glasses and try to see your world as it truly is. Optimism is an admirable quality, but when it is misplaced, it can lead you in some unfortunate and ultimately trying directions.

Capricorn (December 21January 20)

Thinking and doing are two very different things. Youve got a lot of great ideas, but they wont do anyone any good if they stay locked up in your head. Its about time to start putting some of your plans into action.

Aquarius (January 21February 20)

You have no idea just how wonderful the people around you think you are. Those who are lucky enough to be a part of your life are thankful for the opportunity. You make their lives better simply by being in their orbit.

Pisces (February 21March 20)

Youve been avoiding taking responsibility for your actions for too long. Like it or not, its time for you to step up and acknowledge some hard truths. It might be unpleasant at first, but in the long run, youll feel better.

Aries (March 21April 20)

It might seem that people are working against you, but you need to take a step back and see their actions for what they are. You might not realize it, but they care about you. Tough love can be tough to take sometimes.

Taurus (April 21May 20)

Youre letting life pass you by these days. Theres no need to operate at such a fast pace; youre missing a lot. Your world will feel so much more satisfying if you just take a little time to appreciate your experiences.

Gemini (May 21June 20)

The changing of the seasons offers you a perfect opportunity to change your outlook. Shifting your attitude wont be easy, but it will prove to be well worth it in the end. Youll be stunned at how big a difference it will make.

Cancer (June 21July 20)

Things are going to get more difficult before they get easier, but thats okay. If accomplishing something worthwhile were simple, everyone would be doing it. Just keep plugging away your reward is waiting.

Leo (July 21August 20)

In the back of your mind, you can tell that something is just a little bit off. You might have some trouble figuring out what exactly is wrong, but if you take the time to dig deep, youll benefit greatly from your discovery.

Virgo (August 21September 20)

Even if you dont believe in magic, you cant deny that theres a magical feeling in the air. Theres no need to fight it; in fact, you should embrace it. Do your best to keep your eyes and ears open and welcome the unexpected.

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