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Weird National Briefs (11/27/2019)

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Doggie donuts

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Florida authorities say they responded to a rogue vehicle spinning in reverse around a suburban cul-de-sac with a lone occupant inside: a Black Labrador.

News outlets report residents called police Thursday after seeing the dog trapped and clambering around in the car as it spun in circles in a Port St. Lucie neighborhood.

Police say they think the dog’s owner stepped away from the running car and that’s when the pet knocked it into reverse. Neighbor Anne Sabol says she watched the furry speed racer take out a mailbox and a trash can.

Sabol says the dog was in high spirits after being rescued, adding it “jumped out of the car, wagging his tail.”

Police stopped the joyride by punching a passcode into the driver’s door. No one was hurt.

TME – Now THAT’S how you chase your tail.

Have gun, will travel

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A woman on trial for pulling out a loaded pistol inside an Alaska bar last year faces new charges after authorities say she stole the gun from an evidence box inside the courtroom.

Tiffany Flenaugh, 29, was jailed Tuesday on new charges of felony theft, possessing a firearm in a courthouse, evidence tampering and violating conditions of release, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported.

She is represented by the Alaska Public Defender’s Office, which declined comment Wednesday.

Flenaugh was arrested on Oct. 21, 2018, at a downtown Fairbanks bar and charged with assault, weapons misconduct and resisting arrest. A bartender concluded she was intoxicated and refused to serve her. Prosecutors say she pulled out a .45-caliber handgun, waved it around, fought with three bouncers and fought with police officers who responded.

At the trial Tuesday, Flenaugh’s unloaded pistol had been introduced as evidence and secured with a zip tie, Alaska State Trooper Sgt. Chuck Inderrieden said. The gun was in an evidence box near the judge’s bench.

During a break in the jury trial, only Flenaugh, a prosecutor and a clerk were in the courtroom.

Witnesses say Flenaugh approached the evidence box and reached for it until the assistant district attorney told her to stop.

Flenaugh left the courtroom and walked outside. Police say she carried out the gun and hid it in snow.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor and the clerk looked in the evidence box and discovered that the gun was missing. They alerted judicial services officers, who called police.

Police arrested Flenaugh as she tried to re-enter the courthouse.

TME – She is not throwing away her shot.

Remote-controlled trafficking

SAN DIEGO - California authorities have arrested a 16-year-old boy suspected of using a remote-controlled car to transport $106,000 worth of methamphetamine across the border.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Tuesday that the boy was arrested Sunday near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego.

Border patrol agents say they believe someone on the south of the U.S.-Mexico border was able to slip the car filled with drugs through a gap in the fencing and then drive it to the teen waiting on the other side.

Authorities say an agent found the boy hiding near the border Sunday with a toy car and 50 packages of methamphetamine weighing more than 55 pounds (25 kilograms).

Authorities say the car would have had to make multiple trips to transport the drugs.

TME – Beats the hell out of a lemonade stand.

Ambulance chase

MERIDIAN, Miss. - A man is accused of stealing an ambulance that had a napping crew member in it and leading authorities on a car chase that ended when he tried to flee on foot.

Lauderdale County sheriff’s Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun tells WTOK-TV that Zachary Hopson hopped into the ambulance at a truck stop in Lost Gap and drove off. He says the surprised crew member jumped from the vehicle before it reached a nearby interstate. The worker wasn’t injured.

Calhoun says the fleeing ambulance led deputies and Meridian police on a high-speed chase. He says a Meridian officer navigated his patrol car in front of the ambulance to slow it down, and the ambulance stopped. He says Hopson was caught trying to flee on foot into nearby woods.

TME – You have your emergencies, he has his.

Incredible journey

SANTA FE, N.M. - A cat who has been missing for five years in Portland, Oregon, has been found in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Santa Fe Animal Shelter announced this week that Sasha the black cat was recently found wandering the streets of New Mexico’s capital. Officials said a scan of the cat’s microchip revealed that the kitty had traveled more than 1,200 miles (1,931 kilometers) from Oregon.

American Airlines offered to fly the cat to Portland, along with a member of the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. Officials will present the animal to Viktor Usov, the cat’s original owner.

Usov says the family thought they’d never see the cat again.

TME – Pretty sure it was curiosity that brought him back.

Meanwhile, in Sweden …

STOCKHOLM - Police in Sweden say a wanted man was found asleep in a bed in a furniture store north of Stockholm.

Police spokesman Tobias Ahlen says the staff at the Ikea store in Uppsala on Monday contacted the police after they found the 25-year-old sleeping in the bed department. They were not aware that he was wanted.

Ahlen said Wednesday the officers found out that the man had stayed in the warehouse after closing. He was arrested for trespassing, and police then discovered that he was being sought for another, unspecified crime.

TME – Hope that tupplur was worth it, killen.

Crawl space calamity

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - A Florida Walmart has been evacuated after a person was found inside the crawl space above its ceiling.

News outlets report the New Port Richey store was evacuated Tuesday morning as Pasco County deputies worked to get the person out. A sheriff’s statement says the person appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance.

Deputies say they used a stun gun while getting the person out of the crawl space. It’s unclear if the person was shocked with the weapon.

An investigation is ongoing. Authorities didn’t immediately release details on the involved person, including their gender or whether they suffered any injuries. It’s unclear how long the evacuation lasted.

TME – Someone just got Florida bingo!

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