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Weird National Briefs (11/15/2017)

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Coke chapeau

EAGLE, Colo. - Authorities say a man who was in a Colorado court for violating his bond on a drug charge is in even more trouble after a wad of cocaine fell from his hat while he was in front of the judge.

The Vail Daily reported Wednesday that 43-year-old Juan Jose Vidrio Bibriesca was standing next to two other defendants at an Eagle County District Court podium when he took his hat off and a square of folded paper fell out. A police officer watched the paper filled with cocaine fall to the floor, and after reviewing surveillance footage, authorities determined it fell from Bibriesca’s hat.

Bibriesca was then walked to the county jail. He was charged with narcotics possession and another bond violation.

Booking documents don’t indicate if he has hired an attorney.

TME – You don’t even want to know where he keeps his meth.

Cruiser conundrum

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Rhode Island State Police say a cruiser was stolen during a traffic stop, and later found abandoned.

State Police Col. Ann Assumpico said in a brief written statement that the cruiser was taken at approximately 9 a.m. Thursday during a traffic stop. It was later found in Providence.

Police did not say where the cruiser was stolen from, how far the thief got, or how long it was taken for, although they issued a statement about the theft at 9:36 a.m.

When asked for more details, spokeswoman Laura Kirk said in an email “that’s all the info we’re giving out at this time.”

Police are still looking for the suspect.

TME - *insert “Family Guy”-style cutaway gag here*

Baby driver

LAPORTE, Ind. - Authorities say a 7-year-old boy is unharmed after leading police on a car chase in a northern Indiana community that ended in a crash.

Police in LaPorte say an officer spotted a car driving with its headlights off about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday in the parking lot of a video store. The car turned onto a nearby roadway, going about 15 mph while swerving. The officer tried to stop the car, but it sped up.

Police say the car eventually reached speeds of 40 mph before spinning out and crashing. Officers found the boy trying to hide in the backseat afterward.

Police say the child had taken the car, which belonged to his mother’s boyfriend. The boy was released to his mother after an initial investigation.

TME – They grow up so fast these days.

Udderly surprising

NEWTON, N.C. - An 800-pound heifer made a big splash when it was found in a North Carolina family’s swimming pool.

Catawba County Chief Animal Control Officer Jenna Arsenault told news outlets the agency received a 911 call Wednesday morning and arrived to find the young female bovine defiantly staring from the pool in Newton.

The pool’s owner, Burt Thornburg, says he looked out the door and thought something fell into the pool. He says he started ripping off the cover and uncovered the cow.

Authorities say a team managed to lasso the horns and pull the cow from the pool. The cow was believed to be in the pool for two hours or more.

Authorities believe the cow was grazing and walked across the pool cover, thinking it was solid.

TME – It’s like the B-plot from an episode of “The Beverly Hillbillies.”


FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A man accused of stealing a motorized shopping cart from an Alaska grocery store didn’t get very far or go very fast before his low-speed getaway attempt was foiled by police.

The battery-operated cart with a basket mounted behind the handlebars has a top speed of 1.9 mph.

Authorities say Rondell Tony Chinuhuk of Anchorage is charged with felony theft for attempting to take the cart early Tuesday from a Safeway store in Fairbanks.

Police say they stopped Chinuhuk while he was crossing a thoroughfare following a 10-minute joyride that consisted mostly of trying to leave the expansive store parking lot.

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports Chinuhuk was charged with felony theft of the $2,500 cart. Assistant public defender Jennifer Hite says in an email the office doesn’t comment on cases.

TME – What a rascal.

Naked and afraid

NISKU, Alberta - Police arriving at a car crash in western Canada found five naked people inside, and ended up accusing them of kidnapping a mother, her father and her baby.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Laurel Scott said the mother, baby and the woman’s father had been taken from a home and forced into a vehicle against their will. While the car was being driven, the adult male, who was in the trunk, managed to escape. Shortly after that the woman escaped with the baby.

Authorities said a passer-by offered assistance and secured all three in his truck before the suspects’ vehicle rammed the rear of the truck and ended up in the ditch.

Three adults among the suspects remained in custody facing charges of kidnapping and resisting arrest, police said. The other two suspects were youths and released without charges.

Officials said the three people who were kidnapped were not injured.

The investigation continued but officials believed drugs or alcohol might have been a factor.

TME – Pretty sure we saw this in a Coen brothers movie.


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