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Weird National Briefs (10/10/2018)

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Shredder shenanigans

HOLLADAY, Utah - A toddler in Utah was a little too helpful when he shredded more than $1,000 that his parents were saving.

Ben and Jackee Belnap were saving the cash to reimburse Ben's parents for University of Utah season football tickets. They had $1,060 in an envelope, which disappeared over the weekend.

Ben tells KSL-TV the couple started searching the house when Jackee hollered, “I found it.” She was holding the shredder.

Their 2-year-old son, Leo, helps his mom shred junk mail or important documents that they want to get rid of. He apparently got his hands on the envelope.

Ben contacted the Treasury Department and he said he was told to ship the shredded cash for possible replacement.

Jackee says it will make “a great wedding story one day.”

TME – Raising kids is expensive.

Crap app snap flap

SAN FRANCISCO - A newcomer to San Francisco has created a free app to make it easier for people to report poop and used needles on the city's famously dirty streets.

Sean Miller, 24, moved to San Francisco from Vermont after college last year and says he was astonished by the amount of public grime. His “Snapcrap” app was released over the weekend for iOS users and declares itself the “fastest way” to request cleaning in San Francisco.

“See something gross? Just snap a photo and press submit,” the app's description reads.

The photos are passed to the city's Public Works department, which has its own 311 app to report feces and trash, as well as potholes and graffiti.

Miller, who lives and works downtown, says downloads have been in the “few hundreds.”

San Francisco leaders have been grappling with the state of the city's dirty streets. There were more than 24,300 requests last year for human waste cleanup.

Miller says he's adding features to the app and hopes to work with the city to improve a very San Francisco problem.

TME – We would have gone with “Instagrime.”

The saga of Saga

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Her name conjures up Old Nordic tales about heroic accomplishments and that's exactly what Saga this summer did when she stumbled on a pre-Viking-era sword in a southern Sweden lake.

Saga Vanecek, 8, was helping her father with his boat in the Vidostern lake when she stepped on an 85-centimeter (34-inch) sword in a holster made of wood and leather. The sword is believed to be about 1,500 years old.

Mikael Nordstrom of the local Jonkoping County museum said Friday that the little girl's find prompted others to seek out long-lost treasures in a lake that had been diminished by drought.

A broach from between 300 to 400 A.D. was eventually found.

Nordstrom said archaeologists are trying to understand why the items were there. For sacrificial purposes is one suggestion.

TME – We’re pretty sure she’s queen now.

Airport parking ant-ics

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A North Carolina family returned from a three-day trip to find their car parked at the airport had been possessed by a colony of ants.

The Charlotte Observer reports Caroline Tedder Hacker lodged a complaint on Facebook on Sunday, warning people not to park in a certain section of Charlotte Douglas International Airport's parking lot.

She said the car's interior and engine were infested with ants, and her 11-month-old daughter had ants crawling on her during their ride back to Greensboro. She said the colony had been inside long enough to build a nest in the corner of the engine.

Airport officials told the newspaper they offered to pay the cost of cleaning, in addition to waiving parking costs. They said ants tend to surface around this time of year.

TME – And don’t even get them started on the infestation of uncles.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Florida gas station owner has placed a sign in his store asking customers not to warm urine in the microwave.

Parul Patel says he's become “sick and tired” of people walking into his BP gas station and On the Fly convenience store in Jacksonville to warm their containers of urine. The store is within walking distance of two labs, though one says it doesn't collect samples for drug tests.

Patel tells First Coast News the people “walk in off the street, microwave their urine containers then leave.”

Warming urine from someone who hasn't taken drugs is seen by some as a way to help pass a drug test.

Patal says a woman became aggressive a few months ago when he asked her not to warm urine. She asked to see a sign that says it's not for that purpose. So he made one.

TME – This is our microwave. Notice there is no pee in it. Please keep it that way.

Good(ish) Samaritan

ST. HELENA ISLAND, S.C. - Police say a man who had too much to drink took it upon himself to landscape a South Carolina woman's yard.

The Island Packet cites a Beaufort County Sheriff's Office report that says the woman reported a man who rode around her property on a lawn mower before urinating on the grass Saturday.

The report says she told him to leave the yard, but he couldn't understand her. Responding deputies found the shirtless man on the back porch, and he told them he was “just walking on the beach.”

He also said he was working on a job site in the area and had permission to be on the land, but the woman disputed both of those claims.

He's charged with public disorderly conduct, but his name hasn't been released.

TME – We assume an MWI (Mowing While Intoxicated) is a misdemeanor at worst.

Poop parole

PORTLAND, Ore. - A 31-year-old man who authorities say defecated on dozens of lawns in southeastern Portland and broke into a home has been allowed to go free but must maintain his mental health treatment.

Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Nan Waller on Friday found Moyhijah Widger-Chongo guilty except for insanity in the home burglary.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports that she dismissed other criminal counts at the request of the prosecutor's office.

Authorities say Widger-Chongo in 2017 also was suspected of flooding houses in the same neighborhood by turning on garden hose faucets. Police say he also broke into homes where he showered, stole clothes and checked his Facebook page.

Widger-Chongo's spent six months in jail and at the Oregon State Hospital.

Waller cautioned Widger-Chongo to remain on his medication because without it things don't go well.

TME – It’s the Evil Midnight Pooper What Poops at Midnight.


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