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Weird National Briefs (10/02/2019)

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Fishy felony

SANTA FE, N.M. - It’s a fishy mystery caught on camera.

KOB-TV reports authorities say fish worth thousands of dollars recently were stolen from a Santa Fe, New Mexico, business and the alleged theft was captured on video.

Owner Melissa D’Angelico says the thief hit the pond in front of Santa Fe Landscapes and Water Gardens and took 10 of her koi.

Koi fish are colorful, ornamental versions of the common carp and can grow up to three feet.

A video shows a man using a net to remove fish.

D’Angelico says a thief stole fish at different times over the past few months. She says the hijacked fish are worth more than $4,000.

No arrests have been made.

TME – The perfect koi-me? We’ll see ourselves out.

D’oh! A deer!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Georgia woman went to fill up her gas tank before work when a deer leaped over her head, kicking her in the process.

Lynda Tennent told WJXT-TV she was pumping gas in Brunswick, Georgia, on Wednesday when the incident occurred.

Tennent says she thought she was being robbed. The animal’s hoof hit when she wasn’t looking.

She says she stood there for a minute to process what happened. She didn’t say whether she suffered any other injuries.

Despite everything, she told the television station she was still in good spirits.

Tennent says the deer ran off.

TME – Ain’t that a kick in the head?

Squirrel whisperer

PULASKI, Va. - Police are praising a Virginia woman who says a squirrel led her down a trail and tugged at her leg to help its injured baby, earning her the nickname “squirrel whisperer.”

Pulaski police said on their Facebook page that officers got a call Sept. 20 from a woman who told them a squirrel approached her on a trail, blocked her path and led her to the baby squirrel with an injured leg.

Tia Powell told police that when she tried to walk away, the squirrel tugged on her pants leg. That’s when she realized a cat was ready to attack the squirrels, so she called police and a friend.

The news release says responding officers found the squirrels sitting with the two women, who got them back in their tree.

TME – Clearly, that woman is nuts. Specifically acorns.

Ambulance chasers

PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia police say a man stole an ambulance from a city hospital and took it for a short drive before being captured.

The theft occurred around 9:20 p.m. Tuesday while paramedics were inside Methodist Hospital. A 40-year-old man got in the unoccupied vehicle and drove off, only to be captured a few minutes later.

Authorities believe the man was dealing with mental health issues, so he was taken to a hospital for an evaluation. His name was not released, and authorities say it’s unlikely he’ll face charges.

No injuries were reported in the incident, and the ambulance was not damaged. Authorities say nothing was taken from the vehicle.

TME – We all define emergencies in our own way.

Taking a toll

SPRING HILL, Fla. - Authorities are searching for a driver who rammed a woman’s car multiple times after apparently becoming upset that she was digging for change at a Florida toll booth.

In an incident report, the Florida Highway Patrol says the road rage incident happened Friday afternoon north of Tampa. Investigators pulled the vehicle registration from nearby cameras and tracked the car to a home in Tarpon Springs. Troopers say they couldn’t find the driver.

The victim told ABC Action News she feared for her life as the person in the Volkswagen Beetle rammed her car.

The woman says she was driving to Jacksonville to visit a friend and wasn’t familiar with the area. That’s why she didn’t have toll money.

Troopers say they’re still searching for the driver.

TME – That person clearly fears change.

Hump day

GROSSE TETE, La. - A veterinarian has prescribed antibiotics to a camel owned by a Louisiana truck stop petting zoo after a woman bit the 600-pound animal to free herself from under its weight.

Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office documents obtained by The Advocate on Monday accuse Florida couple Gloria and Edmond Lancaster of throwing treats for their unleashed dog into Caspar the camel’s enclosure at Tiger Truck Stop. The couple told deputies the camel attacked the dog, but the sheriff’s office said the couple had provoked the animal before it sat on Gloria Lancaster. She’d crawled under barbed wire to retrieve her pet.

Gloria Lancaster told officers she had to bite the camel to free herself.

Truck stop manager Pamela Bossier said a veterinarian prescribed Caspar antibiotics as a precaution.

TME – The phrase “Louisiana truck stop petting zoo” is genuinely terrifying.

Spooky delivery

BURLINGTON, Mass. - Officers in a Massachusetts police department briefly turned into Amazon drivers after a stash of undelivered packages was found in a cemetery.

Burlington police tweeted that a “diligent groundskeeper” at a cemetery in the town northwest of Boston found the packages Monday morning in a trash receptacle and contacted police.

Police did not say exactly how many packages there were, but photos posted on social media showed about 20.

The packages were addressed to Burlington residents, so police took it upon themselves to deliver them.

They are also investigating to determine how the packages ended up at the cemetery and have contacted Amazon.

They tweeted, “If you see an officer delivering your packages say hello!”

TME – Every single one of those packages has a monkey’s paw in it.

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