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Weird National Briefs (09/06/2017)

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Moo-ving violation

MEDFORD, N.Y. - A runaway cow has rammed a police car in suburban New York before being tranquilized and returned to its owner.

Newsday reports that the cow was seen trotting through the streets of Medford on Long Island around 11:30 a.m. Friday.

Police said the cow lives in a residential area and the animal’s owner had reported it missing Thursday.

A patrol officer pulled alongside the brown-and-white bovine Friday and the animal rammed the car, leaving a large dent. The officer was not injured.

Additional officers arrived and used their vehicles to corral the cow in an abandoned property.

The cow was then subdued with a tranquilizer dart and returned to its owner.

It wasn’t immediately clear why the owner kept a cow at home or how it escaped.

TME – This could have been an udder disaster.

Swim for it!

SURF CITY, N.C. - Authorities in Surf City, North Carolina, say a fleeing suspect swam out to sea before being arrested more than three hours later at a neighboring town’s beachfront.

Surf City police said in a news release that an officer stopped a driver Wednesday and spotted “illegal contraband.”

They said the driver jumped into the ocean and police used a drone to follow the swimming suspect. It recorded video footage of a shark swimming about 60 feet (18 meters) from him before it turned away. The drone lost sight of him after an hour, more than 4,000 feet (1,219 meters) offshore.

After a sea and air search by multiple agencies, 20-year-old Zachary Kingsbury of Lynnwood, Washington was arrested near a beach access point in North Topsail. He faces multiple drug charges.

TME – Out of the frying pan, into the shark-infested waters.

Wrong place, wrong time

BALTIMORE - The police response time was quicker than ever.

Two men were arrested after police say they robbed a bar outside Baltimore while off-duty officers were there for a police retirement party.

The Baltimore Sun reports the men allegedly demanded cash from the register at a Woodlawn bar Tuesday evening while a group of officers gathered for a longtime sergeant’s retirement. The officers chased and arrested them.

Baltimore County police spokesman Cpl. Shawn Vinson says 21-year-old Joseph McInnis III and 22-year-old Tyree McCoy face armed robbery, theft and other charges. The Sun reports neither had an attorney listed in online court records.

Monaghan’s Pub owner says it’s odd that someone would attempt a robbery because a precinct station is across the street.

Vinson says the party was for David Neral who has been with the department since 1988.

TME – Truly a pair of criminal masterminds.

No kidding!

GUILFORD, Vt. - Vermont State Police say a Maine woman and two goats that were riding in her car were unhurt when she crashed after falling asleep while traveling on an interstate in Guilford.

Rescue crews were called to the one-vehicle crash at about 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Police say the northbound car driven by 70-year-old Anne Mayer, of Raymond, Maine, drifted into the median and hit the beginning of a guardrail. The car got stuck on the guardrail, and neither Mayer nor her goats were injured.

Police did not say why Mayer was traveling with goats in her car.

TME – Happily, both Billy and Billy were safe.

Nuns with guns

TANNERSVILLE, Pa. - Police say two women dressed as nuns attempted to rob a bank in Pennsylvania’s Poconos.

Authorities say the women walked into Citizens Bank near Tannersville on Monday and one brandished a handgun, demanding money from a teller. But they left without taking anything.

Each woman was wearing a black nun’s habit and veil. One woman also was wearing sunglasses.

The FBI is investigating and posted bank surveillance photos on Twitter.

TME – Talk about your bad habits.


WASHINGTON - Police in Washington are looking for a woman they say urinated in a cup on a bus before pouring it on the driver.

News outlets report Metro Transit Police say surveillance video shows the woman throwing the cup at the driver Saturday evening before exiting at a stop and running away. Authorities believe she relieved herself on the back of the bus near other passengers.

Metro spokeswoman Sherri Ly says the passenger was getting off when the bus operator told her, “Have a nice day.” She responded, “Are you talking to me?” After the driver replied “yes,” she reached around the driver’s plastic shield and dumped the liquid.

The driver went to a hospital for “decontamination,” although she wasn’t injured.

The local Amalgamated Transit Union says Metro should do more to protect drivers.

TME – Urine big trouble, lady.


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