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Weird National Briefs (07/28/2021)

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Wheels down

GORHAM (AP) — An airplane’s landing gear fell from the sky onto a golf course in Maine but no one was hurt, police said.

The strut with tire and wheel crashed onto the seventh hole fairway Tuesday evening at the Gorham Country Club, said Sgt. Ted Hatch of the Gorham Police Department.

The assembly left an indentation on the fairway.

The pilot was planning to land at Portland International Jetport but returned to New York upon learning part of the landing gear was missing, Hatch said.

The twin-engine Piper Navajo returned safely, conducting a belly landing at Long Island MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma, New York, he said.

TME – We assume he took a mulligan.

Bear-ly holding on

NOME, Alaska (AP) — A miner who said he was harassed by a bear for seven straight nights in the tundra near Nome was rescued when a passing Coast Guard helicopter spotted the SOS, an internationally recognized sign for help, on top of his cabin.

The man, who was not identified by the Coast Guard in a statement, was taken to waiting rescue personnel in Nome.

The helicopter crew was flying from Kotzebue to Kodiak July 16 when it saw the SOS sign on top of the building. The crew circled back over the mining camp and saw a man waving two arms in the air, another recognized sign of distress, the Coast Guard statement said.

The man requested medical assistance after the helicopter landed, saying he had been attacked by a bear a few days earlier.

The man appeared to have a leg injury and bruising on his torso, the Coast Guard said.

The man said the bear had returned to his camp and harassed him every night for the previous week, according to the statement. Friends the same day the man was found had reported him overdue when he hadn’t returned to Nome.

The Coast Guard statement didn’t specify what type of bear was involved.

Nome, a Bering Sea coastal community, is about 535 miles (861.00 kilometers) northwest of Anchorage, on Alaska’s western coast.

TME – Just give him the picnic basket, man – it’s not worth it.

Meanwhile, in Florida …

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man returning home from a doctors appointment found a stranger skinny dipping in his backyard swimming pool, sheriff’s officials said.

At first, the man only noticed clothes scattered across his lanai earlier this week, Charlotte County Sheriff’s officials said in a social media post Tuesday. Then, he saw the woman in his pool and called deputies, sheriff’s officials said.

The woman was hostile and told sheriff’s deputies to leave her alone, the report said.

They asked her several times to get out of the pool and get dressed. She finally followed their orders, but resisted when the deputies tried to detain her. She pulled away and said she was not going anywhere, the report said.

Deputies took her to the Charlotte County Jail, but she refused to tell them her name. Officials eventually identified her through previous jail booking photos. The 42-year-old woman was charged with trespassing and resisting a law enforcement officer without violence.


Camera boat chaos

TOKYO – Let’s try that again, triathlon.

The Olympic men’s triathlon needed a do-over Monday when a bizarre start sent dozens of competitors into the water only to have others stuck on the dock, helplessly blocked by a boat containing cameras that got in the way.

The 56 competitors had taken their marks when the starting buzzer sounded, and about half were in the water before the boat moved in, then tried to reverse out of the way.

It took about 13 seconds before the buzzer sounded again signaling a false start, but not everyone heard it and some kept swimming, sending Olympic support staffers to chase them down with personal watercraft. Some of the initial leaders were 200 meters out before they eventually stopped swimming and came back.

Among those already in the water was eventual winner Kristian Blummenfelt of Norway, silver medalist Alex Yee of Britain and bronze medalist Hayden Wilde of New Zealand.

The race was restarted about 10 minutes later.

Not everyone came through the bad start unscathed.

Australian Jake Birtwhistle told the Sydney Morning Herald that his nose was broken when he got kicked in the face. He still managed to finish 16th.

“It was one of the roughest swims I have been in,” Birtwhistle said.

TME – If at first you don’t succeed, try tri again.

Ranging bull

MASTIC, N.Y. (AP) — An escaped bull has eluded capture for several days on Long Island despite searchers employing a helicopter and night-vision equipment along with attempts to lure the roaming animal with grain and a cow.

Police in Suffolk County say they began responding to calls about the 1,500-pound (680-kilogram) bull running loose Tuesday morning after it broke through the fence of a local farm. Residents have spotted the dark-coated bull, since nicknamed Barney, walking across fields, roads and suburban front yards. And it briefly shut down a portion of Sunrise Highway.

Teams have searched the area about 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of New York City on foot and on horseback. They’ve used drones. A “bull trap” baited with the same feed Barney eats on the farm did not work, nor did other would-be traps.

“We’ve tried luring him with a cow, with horses,” Frankie Floridia of Strong Island Animal Rescue told Newsday. “I’m out here with a (tranquilizer gun), looking for him, and I’m thinking, ‘I’m hunting cows in an Indiana Jones movie.’ It’s just frustrating. The longer it goes, you wonder what happens.”

The bull is roaming around a part of Long Island that features dense underbrush and pine barrens. Floridia said the dense vegetation has hindered the search.

Rescuers said they hope to have the bull moved to a sanctuary.

“I’m not afraid of him being aggressive to humans,” Floridia said. “He doesn’t have horns, he’s not an aggressive animal. I think he’s going to see people and he’s going to run away. I’m just afraid, with the color of his coat, he’s going to wander into a road in the dark and some driver won’t see him.”

TME – Truly an unbelieva-bull tale.

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