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Weird National Briefs (06/06/2018)

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Crashed potatoes

CASPER, Wyo. - Authorities say a biplane that lost power hit a tractor-trailer carrying pigs on Interstate 80 in southwest Wyoming.

The Casper Star-Tribune reports the plane was traveling from Colorado to Utah when the engine cut out east of Evanston on Thursday evening. The pilot tried to land on the interstate, and the plane hit the top of the truck's sleeper berth.

No one was injured, but the plane was severely damaged.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating.

TME – It’s like a silent movie in real life.

Purloined plants

WARRENSBURG, N.Y. - New York law enforcers are looking for a tree thief.

The Post-Star says somebody snatched 130 saplings recently from the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District.

The Christmas-type trees - fir and spruce - were taken out of the ground next to the district's offices in Warrensburg.

Santa is not considered a suspect.

TME – Root them out before they branch into other crimes!

Horned hazard

PARK CITY, Utah - A Utah couple ran into a different sort of hazard during a round of golf on Memorial Day near Salt Lake City.

A young moose bigger than their golf cart chased them off the links at the Park City Golf Club.

Emily Clearwater of Phoenix says she watched the scene unfold from a relative's home nearby and took a video when she realized it was following them.

She said the young-looking moose went after the cart twice but eventually lost interest.

Golfer Mark Redican told the Deseret News he was getting ready to hit a shot when his wife started yelling. They jumped in the cart and made an escape as the animal headed off to a nearby pond.

He says the animal wasn't super aggressive, but it was ``gigantic'' so they didn't hang around.

TME – We always figured moose were more into tennis.

Robbery regrets

BAYONNE, N.J. - Authorities say a 69-year-old New Jersey woman kicked and beat a man who tried to rob her in front of her home.

Bayonne police say the robber was on foot when he crossed a street and confronted the woman about 7 p.m. Sunday. He demanded the woman hand over her purse and, when she refused, he tried to take it by forcibly pulling on the strap.

The woman quickly fought back, kicking the robber multiple times and hitting him. The man soon fell to the ground and ran off without the purse.

The woman was not injured. Her name has not been released.

Authorities say the man remains at large.

TME – All he would have gotten was a Werther’s Original anyway.

Climb-thru window

METHUEN, Mass. - Perhaps they ran out of Boston Kremes.

A man accused of climbing into the drive-thru window of a Massachusetts Dunkin' Donuts and then promptly climbing right back out has been apprehended.

Police say they responded to a security alarm at a shop in Methuen on Sunday morning and saw video surveillance footage showing a man pushing the drive-thru window open and climbing into the store. He immediately turned and left out the window.

Officials arrested the man Sunday evening but not identified him.

In a Facebook post that included the security footage, police did not say if the man stole anything from the Dunkin' Donuts, or if he has any affiliation with the store.

TME – Maybe he thought it was In-N-Out Burger.

Toppings tumult

LANSING, Mich. - This isn't the way to complain about toppings on a pizza.

The Michigan appeals court has affirmed the conviction of a man who was armed with a golf club during an unhappy return to a Happy's Pizza in Lansing. Timothy Matthews yelled, ``Who made my pizza?''

Witnesses say Matthews swung the golf club, missing an employee but striking a microwave oven. He also broke a glass door. He was convicted of assault and sentenced to six months in the Ingham County jail.

Matthews claimed that he just wanted to destroy property, not commit an assault. But the appeals court last week said Matthews' story doesn't match the evidence. He was also convicted of other crimes related to the 2016 incident.

TME – We assume he had a pretty bad slice.

Bovine belly flop

DAVIDSONVILLE, Md. - Officials say a cow has been rescued from a swimming pool in Maryland.

News outlets report that Woodland Beach Volunteer Fire Department firefighters were called to a Davidsonville home Tuesday night, and were later told a cow fell into the swimming pool.

Anne Arundel County Fire Department spokeswoman Lt. Jennifer McKee says makeshift steps made from cinder blocks were assembled to move the cow out of the pool in about an hour and a half.

After coming out of the pool, the cow was unable to stand on her own, so firefighters built a harness out of a fire hose and lifted her with a tractor.

The cow was moved to a pasture and is expected to fully recover from the dip.

TME – This is our pool. Notice there is no cow in it. Please keep it that way.

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