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Weird National Briefs (05/23/2018)

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Our daily bread

SIX MILE, S.C. - A South Carolina man faces charges after authorities say he stole a bread truck and handed out loaves to people he encountered.

The Pickens County sheriff's office says the bread truck worth $45,000 was taken from the parking lot of a dollar store.

Deputies say they arrested 27-year-old Kyle Daniel Moon and recovered the truck at his home in Six Mile. Witnesses said Moon was handing out bread to various people just before law officers arrived Thursday morning.

TME – The Robin Hood of carbs.

In a pickle

NEW YORK - A pop-up ice cream and dumpling shop in New York City is serving up a brand-new flavor of ice cream: pickle ice cream

Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co., located in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan, dishes out gigantic servings of chartreuse soft serve topped with pickle slices for $5. Executive Chef Glenroy Brown tells WABC-TV that the ice cream is created with fresh-pressed cucumber, giving it a light and balanced flavor.

Brown notes that most customers assume the ice cream is briny or sour based on the name.

Popular local eatery Jacob's Pickles is behind the pop-up restaurant, which also serves dumplings and noodles in addition to ice cream.

Brown says he and his team developed the ice cream from scratch because they wanted a unique dessert.

TME – Congrats, NYC – you’ve ruined ice cream.

Buzzworthy heist

LULA, Ga. - A Georgia beekeeper says thieves stole dozens of hives, taking off with up to $20,000 worth of equipment.

Don Kuchenmeister tells WSB-TV the hives disappeared Sunday morning.

With more than five decades of experience in beekeeping, including 35 years as a commercial beekeeper, Kuchenmeister operates Dixie Bee Supply in Banks County, where he often teaches disabled vets his craft.

He theorizes that at least half a dozen people were involved in the heist. He says the thieves likely had beekeeping experience and were looking to either resell the hives or use them to pollinate their own beekeeping business.

Whatever the reason, Kuchenmeister had one message for the abductors: “I hope you get stung good.”

TME – We assume this is part of a crime spree by a one-off Batman villain.

Fowl play

BERLIN - Police were called to investigate a domestic disturbance in a southern German town - and found a man arguing with a parrot.

A resident in Loerrach, near the Swiss border, called the emergency number Monday to report his concerns about loud shouting from a next-door apartment that had been going on for some time.

Police said Tuesday that officers sent to the scene found there was a loud argument going on - but it was between a 22-year-old man and a parrot. The man told them he had been annoyed with the bird, which belonged to his girlfriend.

The parrot responded to being shouted at with loud noises of its own. Police said it couldn't speak but could bark like a dog.

Since no one was hurt, the officers left.

TME – When real life is a Monty Python sketch.

Better late than never

ZANESVILLE, Ohio - A 93-year-old Ohio man wrapped up his nearly seven decades of golfing with his first hole-in-one.

Ben Bender told The Zanesville Times Recorder “the Lord knew” this was his last round and gave him a hole-in-one.

Bender aced the 152-yard third hole last month at Green Valley Golf Course in Zanesville with a 5-wood.

He says he was in awe watching it, but then his hip started bothering him, forcing him to stop after a few more holes. He headed to the clubhouse, bringing his golfing career to a memorable end.

Bender says he began playing when he was 28, whittling his handicap down to a 3 at one point.

He says he hates giving up the game, but knows he can't play forever.

TME – Pics or it didn’t happen.

Ceremonial squirt

BAY CITY, Mich. - A Michigan boy found a way to make his mark on the occasion of his mother's marriage proposal.

Allyssa Anter said “yes” Saturday to the question popped by her boyfriend, Kevin Przytula. Video shows the bride-to-be and man on bended knee are blissfully unaware that right next to them, 3-year-old Owen Anter had dropped his pants to urinate in front of Bay City's Ring of Friendship sculpture.

They were alerted to the pint-sized proposal crasher by the giggling videographer, Przytula's 11-year-old daughter, Kayleigh.

Allyssa Anter says her son “stole the show,” and acknowledges his potty training is a work in progress.

The video was shared Monday by WNEM-TV and The Bay City Times.

TME – Thus setting a dangerous precedent.

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