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Weird National Briefs (04/10/2019)

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Florida Man strikes again

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - A Florida man was re-arrested within minutes after he was released from jail for burglarizing cars in the jail’s parking lot.

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office says 37-year-old Casey Lewis bonded out of jail Thursday, only to be caught by deputies burglarizing several cars outside the jail.

Lewis was booked inside the jail on burglary charges and then released a second time that day on bond.

Treasure Coast Newspapers reports Lewis originally was brought to the jail on a grand theft charge.

Online court records showed no attorney listed for Lewis.

TME – Another tremendously on-brand story out of the Sunshine State.

Tap shoe takedown

HARTFORD, Conn. - A suspected car thief is in custody in Connecticut after being caught by gumshoe in training wearing tap shoes.

Hartford police says a detective trainee wearing tap shoes and a bow tie made an arrest after a foot chase on Friday, when he spotted a stolen car and boxed it in.

Police say the driver got out and the officer, Jay Montrose, gave chase on foot, eventually catching 25-year-old Dante Flowers, who was then charged with numerous offenses including larceny and possession of narcotics.

Police did not say why Montrose was sporting that footwear, but noted the bow tie is part of his personal style.

Flowers, who also was wanted as a fugitive from parole, was in custody Saturday and it was not clear if he has hired an attorney.

TME – We assumed his name would be Officer Krupke.

Off the chain(saw)

FRESNO, Calif. - A California business owner says store surveillance video recorded a man stealing a small chain saw by stuffing it down his pants.

Jeff Bennett of RG Equipment tells the Fresno Bee his security camera caught the theft Wednesday afternoon.

The video shows the man take the chain saw from a display, stuff the blade down his pants and cover the engine assembly with his jacket.

Bennett says the man drove off in a pickup truck. He believes an accomplice was watching the store last week.

TME – Are we sure he wasn’t just happy to see them?

Just kidding

MARLBOROUGH, N.H. - Police in New Hampshire say they cited a driver who had a kid in her lap _ the baby goat kind.

Marlborough police say they pulled the woman over on April Fool’s Day when they saw her using her cellphone. They soon realized that she was driving without a valid license - and with the goat.

Police said the driver was a 60-year-old woman from Sullivan, New Hampshire. She was released on a citation for operating without a valid license. She also was counseled about distracted driving.

Police posted the encounter on Facebook, with the comment, “I wish this was another April Fool’s joke baaaht it’s not.”

TME – New Hampshire, eh? Twenty bucks says that goat is named after Tom Brady.

Hot pursuit

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - There’s no escape from the long arm of the law in Sweden. Not even sitting naked in a sauna.

Police spokewoman Carina Skagerlind says an off-duty police officer found himself sitting in the same sauna in Rinkeby, a Stockholm suburb, as a fugitive who had dodged a jail sentence for aggravated assault, among other offenses.

Skagerlind says after recognizing each other, “the naked police officer calmly told the man that he should consider himself arrested.”

She said Tuesday the officer called colleagues to pick up the fugitive, adding “the arrest was undramatic and the wanted man didn’t try to flee.”

The officer was praised for the March 29 arrest and police warned fugitives on Facebook: “We are everywhere. Even if you do not see us, we are there.”

TME – Ah, justice. Sweet, sweaty justice.

Roadside flare

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - Firefighters in Tennessee say they were assisting a man having a medical emergency when a flaming pickup truck pulled up next to them. They doused the burning truck and sent the first man to the hospital, with no injuries.

The Chattanooga Fire Department says they responded to a call Friday morning to find a man having a medical emergency with his car pulled over on a bridge. Firefighters assisted and loaded him into the ambulance.

Firefighters say they had just closed the back door when they saw a blazing pickup truck approach them and park, a trailer with firewood attached.

Firefighters say they called 911 about the fire, donned firefighting gear and doused the fire with a hand-held hose.

Then, the undamaged ambulance delivered the first man to the hospital.

TME – Someone misunderstood the concept of a fire truck.


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