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Weird National Briefs (02/03/2021)

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On the air

BERLIN (AP) — A man has been arrested in Berlin on allegations he made radio contact with air traffic, including police helicopters, and gave fake flight orders while impersonating an aviation official, German police said Friday.

The 32-year-old, whose identity wasn’t released in line with German privacy laws, was arrested Thursday night in the capital’s eastern Koepenick district, police said.

Police were able to swoop in on his apartment after he made contact with a police helicopter that was dispatched to the neighborhood in the hope of flushing him out.

During a search of his home, police found two radios that transmitted on the frequencies needed to make contact with aircraft.

“For everyone who has been asking about our police helicopter operations in Koepenick, an unusual arrest,” Berlin police tweeted, with a link to more details.

The man is alleged to have made contact with pilots of passenger and transport aircraft, as well as state and federal police helicopters, over the past six months, giving “potentially dangerous” instructions and becoming increasingly professional with his communications.

No accidents or other incidents are known to have been caused by his actions, police said.

TME – He probably has kids and is just your standard helicopter parent.

Change of luck

LELAND, N.C. (AP) — An unlucky start to a North Carolina man’s day turned upside down when he discovered he won a $2 million lottery prize hours after hitting two deer with his new car.

Anthony Dowe, of Leland, had an accident on his way to work, the North Carolina Education Lottery said in a statement Tuesday. It ruined his day, so he went back home, got into bed and went to sleep.

“Then I woke up and checked my tickets. I checked the fourth ticket and I saw the ‘4’ and then the next number and the next number and the next number,” he said. “I’m like, ‘Wow!’ It was just crazy.”

His winning Mega Millions ticket matched all five white balls. The odds? 1 out of 12.6 million.

Dowe took his ticket to a store and won $1 million. That prize doubled when the 2x Megaplier ticket was drawn.

“I went and showed my dad and my mom and everybody was happy,” he said.

On Monday, he claimed his prize at the lottery headquarters in Raleigh and took home about $1.4 million after taxes.

“It just feels great,” he said. “I’m just gonna fix things on my mother and father’s house and get my car fixed, pay it off, and pay my niece’s car off.”

The rest, he said, will go into savings.

TME – Two deer, two million – the math checks out.

Can’t stop, won’t stop, GameStop

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — A 10-year-old San Antonio boy made a killing by selling GameStop stock he was gifted more than a year ago.

Jaydyn Carr’s mother, Nina, spent $60 for 10 shares of the video game chain’s stock in December of 2019 that she gave him for Kwanzaa to reflect Ujamaa, one of the festival’s seven principles that focuses on cooperative economics.

With GameStop’s share price skyrocketing this week behind a speculative frenzy driven by a Reddit chat group, Jaydyn sold the shares Wednesday for a little less than $3,200, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

“My phone was going off, because I have GameStop on my watch list,” Nina said of watching the share price surge. “I was trying to explain to him that this was unusual. I asked him ‘Do you want to stay or sell?’”

The mother-son investing duo said $2,200 of the funds would go to Jaydyn’s savings account and that they’d put the other $1,000 toward future investing.

TME – Always nice to learn that 10-year-olds are better investors than I am.

Crochet all day

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) - Bernie Sanders went from becoming a hit meme to a nearly $20,000-crochet doll in less than a week.

After the Vermont senator went viral on social media for his simple Inauguration Day fashion choices of quirky brown mittens and over-sized olive-green coat, Tobey King in Texas got to crocheting. She turned the sensational image that trended for days into a crochet doll.

It sold for $20,300. Yes, you read that right.

“It's mind-blowing because I knew Bernie was trending because of that picture, and I already had a Bernie pattern and a Bernie doll. So I just went and got that, and I modified that super quick,” King said.

But recreating Sanders' exact look that captured people's eyes, and laughs, took King about seven hours of crocheting, in addition to the time she had invested in the design a year ago. And her attention to detail is obvious, nailing the iconic mittens that stole the show on Inauguration Day.

“The mittens are not that hard it's just some color changing, a special stitch,” King said.

King, 46, initially posted photos of the nine-inch doll on her Instagram account, and they garnered thousands of likes and comments. On Saturday, she posted the doll on eBay and later auctioned it for $20,300, which she said will be donated to Meals on Wheels America. Her donation was inspired by Sanders, whose campaign created sweatshirts with the image on them and donated all the proceeds to Meals on Wheel in Vermont.

“This could be my purpose; this is my new path,” King said. “This is a new way of helping people in a way that I've never been able to do before.”

King, who lives in Corpus Christi, Texas, said more than 30,000 people bought her Sanders doll crochet pattern from her Etsy store. She said she hopes Sanders approves of her efforts.

“I really hope that he thinks this is something cool and that I'm doing something good,” King said.

TME – It’s not a perfect likeness, but we don’t want to knit-pick.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) — For years, Cleveland Browns season ticket holder and devoted fan, Jeff Panovich, has let his hair grow as his team saw losing season after losing season.

That changed this year with the Browns ending the regular season 12-5, so Panovich got his first hair cut in six years on Saturday, the Port Clinton News-Herald reported.

In 2014, Panovich vowed not to cut his hair until his team had a winning season, the newspaper reported. That was when quarterback Brian Hoyer had lifted fans’ hopes with a 7-4 start that then spiraled into despair with five end-of-season losses. The Browns’ last winning season before this year was in 2007.

Panovich told the newspaper he’s held season tickets since 1991 and only missed two games in 28 years before the pandemic.

“Sitting in the Dawg Pound, there had been a couple times where the guys would say, ‘This is the year you’re getting your hair cut,’ but it never happened,” Panovich told the newspaper while at a hair salon on Saturday, referring to a section of the bleachers at the Browns’ stadium.

Panovich donated his hair to Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit based in Westlake, which makes wigs for children who have lost hair because of medical issues.

Photos show Kristy Fullenkamp, of Port Clinton, who owns and operates Making Waves salon, cutting Panovich’s ponytail and finally taking a pair of clippers to finish his new look.

TME – Business in the front, victory party in the back.

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