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Weird National Briefs (01/04/2017)

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Follow your nose

YORBA LINDA, Calif. - A toucan that became a local sensation while living wild much of the year in Southern California has finally been captured.

The brightly colored female bird named Fern was spotted Tuesday in the rafters of a Yorba Linda auto repair shop.

A service adviser made calls to animal experts including Omar’s Exotic Birds, which dispatched an employee who captured Fern.

The bird escaped in May from an aviary in Courtney Chapman’s Fullerton home after Fern and a male toucan were delivered by a breeder.

Chapman tells The Orange County Register she had been told the chances of getting the toucan back were slim to none.

Shortly after the escape, Chapman joined a private social network app for neighbors and soon photos of Fern spottings around town were being posted.

TME – Keep an eye on your Froot Loops, folks.

This week in irony

NEW YORK - An ex-New York City principal who was fired in part because she was chronically late to work failed to file her appeal on time.

Marcella Sills had 10 days after she was dismissed on Jan. 22 following an administrative trial to file her petition challenging the ruling.

But a state Supreme Court judge in Manhattan determined this week Sills didn’t get her paperwork in until April 19 - more than two months later.

The New York Post reports that Sills was found to be late to work 178 times between September 2012 and January 2014.

The 16-year veteran was removed from her Queens school in 2014.

The paper reports that Sills had argued principals don’t have strict start and stop times.

TME – Better late than never?

Suspended Santa

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Santa Claus’ Facebook account has been reinstated after the social media company suspended his access and demanded proof of identity on Christmas Day.

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that Claus, a North Pole city councilman, says he was never given a reason why his page was blocked. He says he thought Facebook didn’t believe his name was Santa Claus or that he lived in North Pole.

A Facebook spokeswoman apologized in an email Tuesday for suspending Claus’ account and said it was done by mistake.

To get his account reinstated, Claus says he sent multiple documents proving his identity, including copies of his Alaska driver’s license and letter of appointment to the North Pole City Council.

Claus says in a post on his newly reactivated Facebook page that he “would never intentionally abandon” his community.

TME – Way to Grinch it up, Zuckergrinch.

Daggers & Dumplings

JUPITER, Fla. - A 36-year-old Florida woman faces an aggravated assault charge after police say she threatened her brother with a dagger for eating Polish dumplings at their mother’s home.

The Palm Beach Post reports the siblings started arguing late Tuesday after Mandy Rounds’ brother ate the plate of dumplings, also known as pierogis. The fight spilled outside the Jupiter home.

A police report says Rounds threatened to cut the dumplings out of her brother’s stomach before stabbing the large dagger into the hood of a truck where his girlfriend was sitting.

Police found her walking about a half-mile from the house. She was arrested and released from jail Thursday on a $1,500 bond. Records didn’t list an attorney for her.

The brother declined to press charges for damage to his truck.

TME – All joking aside, pierogis are serious business.

Moo-ving in

LONG LAKE TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A 700-pound bull found a temporary pen in northern Michigan: the window well of a home under construction.

Tucker got away from a farm in Grand Traverse County when strong winds opened a gate Monday night. The Traverse City Record-Eagle says he was found Tuesday in a large window well but couldn’t get out.

Owner Gary Jurkovich says the cow was guided through the window, into the unfinished home’s basement and up the stairs. Tucker wasn’t injured - and he even knew how to get home.

On its Facebook page, Grand Traverse 911 says maybe Tucker wanted to “moo-ve into a new home.”

TME – Sounds like bullcrap to us.

Keep the change

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Here’s a tip: Don’t give a prescription painkiller as a gratuity.

According to police, that gesture led to trouble for a patron of a Pennsylvania casino on Thursday.

State police say the man at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem tipped a server with a Valium pill.

The Morning Call reports David Carnevale, of Caldwell, New Jersey, faces a charge of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. He was released on his own recognizance.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 6. A working phone number for Carnevale could not be found.

TME – Apparently, the service is REALLY good.

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