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Weird National Briefs (01/03/2018)

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Holy guacamole!

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii - Guinness World Records has confirmed that a Hawaii woman found the world's heaviest avocado.

West Hawaii Today reports Pamela Wang of Big Island found the whopping 5-pound, 3.6-ounce avocado as she was taking a walk earlier this month.

After a rigorous verification process, Guinness World Records America Inc. emailed Wang this week to confirm that she had indeed found the heaviest avocado on record.

Wang's avocado discovery made national and international headlines.

Wang says she spent hours answering phone calls and emails from reporters while promoting the avocado.

Others reached out to her on Facebook curious to know how the giant fruit tasted, because she did eat it.

She says seeing her story published by different publications and in languages was part of the fun.

TME – Imagine the amount of toast you’d need.

Loopy lottery

COLUMBIA, S.C. - A Christmas Day lottery glitch in South Carolina has left officials trying to determine how to deal with thousands of unexpected winners.

The Holiday Cash Add-A-Play game generates trees on a tic-tac-toe grid paying up to $500 when someone gets three in a line.

Lottery officials say that, for two hours Monday, trees were being printed in all nine grids, giving all players who paid $1 the maximum prize. In all, $19.6 million was won.

But when players went to cash their tickets, the computer wouldn't pay. Dozens came Wednesday to the lottery's office in Columbia.

The South Carolina Education Lottery commission voted Friday to set aside the money to possibly pay all winners, but also to investigate Intralot, the company that ran the game, and get legal advice.

TME – The most disappointing lottery win since Shirley Jackson.

Desperate measures

AKRON, Ohio - Police say two teenagers who robbed an Ohio department store were arrested after they flagged down officers to get out of the cold.

Investigators say the teens had stolen jewelry in their pockets when they asked police at an Akron hospital for help early Thursday.

Authorities say the teens had robbed a J.C. Penney store late Wednesday by hiding inside until employees left, then breaking into jewelry cases with a hammer.

Police say they were also carrying knives and an unloaded handgun.

The teens, ages 14 and 16, are facing charges including breaking and entering, theft and criminal trespassing.

TME – And now they’re headed to the cooler.

A cut below

MADISON, Wis. - Police in Madison, Wisconsin, arrested a hairstylist after he gave a customer a very unwanted Larry Fine hairdo.

Police spokesman Joel DeSpain says the 22-year-old victim told officers the stylist asked him to stop fidgeting and moving his head during the Friday haircut. The Wisconsin State Journal reports that DeSpain says the stylist then nicked the customer's ear with his clippers before running them down the middle of the man's head on their shortest attachment, “leaving him looking a bit like Larry from ‘The Three Stooges.’”

DeSpain says officers arrested the 46-year-old hairstylist, Khaled A. Shabani, who pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct Wednesday. DeSpain says Shabani told officers it was an accident.

TME – Could have been worse – at least he didn’t get the Shemp.

Sticker shock

ERIE, Pa. - A Pennsylvania woman says she went online to check her electric bill and was stunned at the amount - more than $284 billion.

The Erie Times-News reports that Mary Horomanski said her eyes “just about popped out” of her head when she saw the amount. She suspected that her family had put up their Christmas lights wrong.

The silver lining was that she didn't have to pay the full amount until November 2018 _ only a $28,156 minimum payment was due for December.

Horomanski's son contacted Penelac, her electric provider, who confirmed the error. Parent company First Energy said a decimal point was accidentally moved. Her new amount was quickly corrected to $284.46.

TME – She really should get some more energy-efficient appliances.

Bird on the wing

DETROIT - It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's a bird on a plane.

A Delta Air Lines flight captain decided to turn his plane around and return to Detroit after a bird was discovered inside the flight deck.

The airline says in a statement that shortly after takeoff Saturday, the pilots of Flight 1943 from Detroit to Atlanta saw a small bird in the flight deck. The unexpected passenger had entered the aircraft during boarding.

The captain decided to turn the plane around to “avoid a potential distraction” during the flight. The aircraft landed without incident and the bird was removed and set free.

TME – Flying to the ATL? Must be a Dirty Bird heading to a Falcons game.


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