Celebrity Slam (414)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014 22:37

Celebrity Slam - 10/22/14

Written by Allen Adams

Masked moron

Usually, the people we discuss in this space aren't guilty of much more than poor judgment. Whether in word or in deed, they simply don't think about the implications of the choices that they are making.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 22:05

Celebrity Slam - 10/15/14

Written by Allen Adams

Martian Chronicles

It's an unfortunate reality that since The Maine Edge is a weekly publication, Celebrity Slam also appears just once per week. Thus, we often find ourselves at a loss when a famous person goes off the rails midweek. Most of the time, we simply accept our fate and move forward.

Tuesday, 07 October 2014 22:53

Celebrity Slam - 10/08/14

Written by Allen Adams

Dental delusion

Obviously, we have a lot of fun in this space at the expense of the rich and famous. Life in the celebrity stratosphere can definitely cause some to lose their perspective and put them in a place where they forget what it's like to behave like a human being.

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 09:12

Celebrity Slam - 10/01/14

Written by Allen Adams

Kitchen nightmare

We have been known to play it a little fast and loose with regards to the definition of 'celebrity' in this space. The exponential growth of the reality television genre has given us a wealth of people who could technically be deemed famous. While this certainly waters down the value of fame, it also gives us a much wider pool from which to pluck the idiotic and unpleasant.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014 23:30

Celebrity Slam - 09/24/14

Written by Allen Adams

Miley celebrates Mexico

As a rule, we try our best to be relatively timely in this space. However, every once in a while, a celebrity has the gall to say or do something idiotic on a Tuesday or Wednesday night too late for us to get them into this space with any immediacy. Most of the time, we simply shrug and find something else there is rarely a shortage of material.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014 22:17

Celebrity Slam - 09/17/14

Written by Allen Adams

Kanye Down Under

It's no secret that we've been known to go after the same targets over and over again here at Celebrity Slam. That doesn't mean that we have any sort of agenda it just means that there are some famous folks out there who continually say and do things that make our job extremely easy to do. And since we're big fans of the path of least resistance, that means we're more than happy to lean on our reliable stable of the unstable.

Thursday, 11 September 2014 00:44

Celebrity Slam - 09/10/14

Written by Allen Adams

Can we talk?

2014 has been a tough year for celebrity deaths.

Of course, one could make that case for any year losing beloved figures from the world of entertainment is an unfortunate constant. We bring these people into our lives and they take up residence in our hearts; saying goodbye to them is never easy.

Wednesday, 03 September 2014 23:37

Celebrity Slam - 09/03/14

Written by Allen Adams


It has been awhile since anything Britney Spears-related has made its way into this space. And that's a good thing while we certainly enjoy the antics that get celebrities slammed, we also appreciate it when former famous wild cards start getting their acts together. And Britney despite a storied history of being gossip fodder has mostly turned things around.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014 10:21

Celebrity Slam - 08/27/14

Written by Katy England

A war of words

There has always been a significant overlap in the fame circles of athletes and entertainers. While they operate in different arenas, athletes are just like actors, musicians and other artists whose livelihood is built around putting on a show for an audience.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 22:14

Celebrity Slam - 08/20/14

Written by Allen Adams

Teen Choice tantrum

We here at Celebrity Slam have long been fans of the folks over at Disney. They churn out child stars at an incredible rate; the degree of turnover is so high that they need to keep adding to the roster. And while most of these teen queens and Tiger Beat cover fodder grow up to become reasonably well-adjusted adults either in the entertainment industry or outside of it the sheer quantity ensures that there are going to be at least a few that go over the edge and wind up appearing in this space.

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