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Celebrity Slam - You know nothing, Jon Snow

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The unfortunate truth is that a lot of the words and actions coming out of Hollywood and other entertainment realms these days aren’t the sorts of things of which we’re interested in making fun. There are a lot of sordid and sad stories floating around out there – stories that aren’t the least bit funny. Stories where our usual brand of scorn and mockery would be inappropriate.

But then Jon Snow gets kicked out of a bar.

You might have seen Kit Harington at the Golden Globes this weekend, posing for the cameras and all smiles with co-star and current squeeze Emilia Clarke. But just a couple of days before, the “Game of Thrones” star was trying – and failing – to play a different game.

He was at a place called Barfly in New York City. He had been drinking … and drinking … and drinking. By all accounts, Mr. Harington was pretty sauced. And that’s cool. No judgment. You’re in a bar – getting lit is one of the reasons people go to bars.

However, it was when Kit decided that he wanted to play pool that things got problematic. See, he didn’t just wait his turn the way social mores have taught us is appropriate. No, he instead chose to start banging on the table and grabbing at pool cues and generally just getting up in everyone’s faces.

So yeah – he was that guy.

As you might imagine, he was asked to leave. Which he did. Problem solved, right? Nope. Because he came back. And this time, when he was asked once again to leave, he did not. This led to him being physically removed from the establishment. He was literally dragged out of the bar.

There has been no word as to whether he shouted “Don’t you know who I am?” or any other related a-hole famous person nonsense as he was bum-rushed out of there.

Look, no one is condemning the guy’s choice to get wasted. Sure, it might not be the healthiest way to spend your time, but we’ve all done it. Dude wants to party, we’re all for it. However, when you’re a notable figure – someone that people recognize – the expectation is that you’re going to have to hold it together to a certain extent.

That extent being “Don’t be that guy.” But he was. He was that guy.

Don’t get us wrong – if we found ourselves in a situation where Jon Snow was lurching around the pool table and shout-slurring expletives and generally behaving like a d-bag, we’d be thrilled. That’s the kind of story that gets you street cred and free drinks. And in his defense, while he was definitely being a jerk, it doesn’t seem as though he hurt anyone.

It does make you wonder, though. Just how big of a jerk must he have been to get the boot not once but twice? Kit Harington isn’t just famous – he’s famous for being the dude everybody digs on the the show that everybody digs. You’re psyched that Jon Snow is drunk in your bar, so just how belligerent does he need to get before the cons begin to outweigh the pros?

And now we know. And more importantly, Kit Harington knows. Which means that now Jon Snow knows something.

Here’s the thing – this is a fun story. Making fun of Harington for being unable to hold his liquor and getting sassy at a pool table is precisely the kind of thing that we live for here at Celebrity Slam. Items like this are why this space even exists. And considering the current climate, we don’t get as many of these as we used to.

Let us raise a glass to Kit Harington. Thank you for being exactly the kind of drunkard who acts like a d-bag in a way that allows us to feel good about making fun of you. Thank you for making bad choices that are bad in a way that delights those of us looking on. Thank you for your willingness to get kicked out of the same bar twice in a row. Thank you.

Oh, and to Jon Snow - good luck with that whole thing with your sister. It’s gross, but the heart wants what it wants.


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