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Celebrity Slam - We see rude people

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We’ve noted our preferences here at Celebrity Slam a number of times. If you’ve ever visited this space with any kind of regularity, you know that there are two things we absolutely LOVE when it comes to famous folks:

1) Celebrity beef

2) Creating portmanteaus for famous couples

However, while those are our favorite things, they aren’t the only things we enjoy. Obviously, when celebrities say and do idiotic things, they garner our attention. But what you might not know is that there are definitely certain places where famous people are more likely to stick their feet in their mouths.

One particularly popular place for celebrity meltdowns? The airport. It’s understandable, really – the airport is a popular place for non-celebrity meltdowns as well. It’s a stressful place rendered exponentially more stressful with every deviation – no matter how slight – from the plan at hand.

This brings us to Haley Joel Osment.

Osment got himself in a bit of hot water after he missed his flight out of Las Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday. He was supposed to fly out that night, but missed his flight. American Airlines put him on standby for a flight out the next morning.

At 7 a.m., Osment showed up at the gate all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed … only to discover that the flight was full. While there’s nothing wrong with getting upset by circumstances like these – no one wants to get stuck at the airport when they’ve got places to be – there’s still a certain decorum that ought to be maintained.

Haley Joel did not maintain.

Instead, he got into the face of the gate agent, yelling and swearing and generally carrying on. Police were called, but Osment jetted before they arrived. And that was the end of it.

Ha! Just kidding! The dude actually CAME BACK about an hour later and lit into the gate agent again, behaving even more aggressively. According to a witness, he even yelled “I will destroy you!” – a solid variation on the typical “Don’t you know who I am?” tactic these folks have been known to adopt. Of course, the police were called. Again. And Haley Joel ran off. Again.

And there it is.

Look, we get it – traveling is the worst. But here’s a pro tip: DON’T MISS YOUR FLIGHT. It’s Las Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday, dude. That airport is going to be an absolute madhouse, so maybe just try and show up when you’re supposed to show up and don’t blame some poor ticket checker for your inability to know what it means when the big hand is on the 9.

There’s always a degree of delusion when stuff like this goes down; the fact that you’ve been in movies doesn’t change the fact that you apparently can neither tell time nor count. You miss your flight, you’re boned – sorry. And if there’s no room for you on the next one, well, you’re boned again – sorry. Again.

Granted, it’s not like you actually punched anyone. So that’s good. And you did manage to show at least a little moral self-awareness, having the good sense to flee the scene after exhibiting behavior that you must have known was wrong on some level. You don’t seem to be a lost cause. That being said, you really should know better than to scream at people because they aren’t giving you what you want. You’re not a child.

Also – how exactly are you going to destroy this person? We saw that line – which, again, is a welcome variant on the usual self-important egoism – and couldn’t help but wonder. What, are you going to physically fight the gate agent? Are you going to use some of your not-really-famous-anymore fame to cost this person their job? Are you going to summon the ghost of Bruce Willis to somehow scare them into being destroyed? What’s the plan, Haley?

Is this the biggest faux pas a celebrity has ever committed? No. Hell, it’s not even the biggest faux pas a celebrity has committed in the Las Vegas airport. But it’s an indicator that even a modicum of fame can lead to someone acting the fool.

If we’d been asked before this, we’d have said you were a good dude. But here’s the twist: you were a jerk the whole time.


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