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Celebrity Slam - Wasted Winchester

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Few things make us happier here at Celebrity Slam than a famous person really going for the full big-time experience. They don’t HAVE to say the exact words “Don’t you know who I am?” for us to love it … but it doesn’t hurt.

Our latest entry in this long (LONG) history of celebrity jackholes is Jared Padelecki, one of the stars of the inexplicably long-running CW show “Supernatural” – seriously, this show is so old that it debuted on the WB. But we’re not here to argue the relative merits of Padalecki playing demon-hunting heartthrob Sam Winchester for 14 seasons.

No, we’re here to talk about him getting wasted and fighting folks and, yes, getting up to a little big-timing.

It all went down at a club in Austin called Stereotype. Jared’s a regular at the place; rumor has it he might be an investor or even own the place outright, though nothing has been officially reported. Regardless, even if you own the place, you can’t go on the kind of rampage that our boy Jared got up to.

First, he apparently punched a bartender in the face. Then, when a friend tried to get him to cool off outside, he wound up putting the dude into a headlock. Next, the general manager of the place comes out to talk to him, to which our boy Jared responds with – you guessed it – a punch in the face.

Then the cops show up.

Now, for most of us, this is the point where we realize that perhaps things have gone too far and that we should try and rein things in before they spiral even farther out of control. Jared Padalecki is not most of us. He scoffs at most of us. And he scoffs at the notion of doing anything other than doubling down.

So he pulled out a giant wad of cash and brandished at the police before he was finally restrained. Like we said, he didn’t say the WORDS, but waving fat stacks at the cops who are in the process of arresting you is the epitome of big-timing.

As you might imagine, Mr. Padalecki was then asked to accompany the police officers to the station, where his bail was set at $15,000 – five grand for each of two assault charges and another $5K for one count of public intoxication.

Delightful, no?

It’s tough to figure out just what happened here. While Padalecki’s involvement with Stereotype is unclear, there’s no doubt that he’s got a connection to the place, even if it’s just as an enthusiastic regular. So why cause trouble in a place you like to go? As the old saying goes, “Don’t s—t where you eat.” And don’t fight where you drink.

The first incident is the one that we’re most curious about. What could that bartender have possibly said or done to invite a face-punching? Especially since you have to assume that whoever owns the joint – if it isn’t Padalecki himself – would want his famous customer to be happy. There’s got to be some sort of edict in place.

And let’s pour one out for the poor chump who tried to help Padalecki cool off, only to get thrown into a headlock for his trouble. Meanwhile, the manager of the place had to at least suspect that he was going to get thumped as well, but hey – it’s part of the job.

Lastly, we LOVE the thought of this drunk TV dude pulling out a wad of twenties to wave at the cops who would almost certainly rather be anywhere else. It’s magnificent douchebaggery, a way to indicate utter contempt without saying a word (which is good, because he was probably more than a little slurry by that point).

Look, we get it – it’s probably a mixed blessing to star on a CW drama for a decade-and-a-half. Particularly one that revolves around you and your brother fighting the devil or whatever the hell that show is about. But that’s no reason to take it out on people who are almost certainly on your side.

Still – waving that cash WAS pretty baller. You do you, Jared Padalecki.

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