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Celebrity Slam - Theroux-ing like a harpoon

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Celebrity Slam - Theroux-ing like a harpoon (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

We make our bones here at Celebrity Slam by taking aim at the various foibles of famous folks. We pride ourselves in our ability to scorn and mock these people for their questionable words and deeds. We have fun and hope that you do as well.

But there’s room in this space for the occasional foray into other celebrity spaces. The truth is that there’s a lot about being famous that could be considered less than desirable. Yes, famous people get to do a lot of things us normal folks don’t, but they also have to deal with less pleasant things far beyond what we tend to encounter.

Take Justin Theroux, for example. Now, Justin Theroux isn’t mega-famous or anything. He’s not a hugely rich household name. He’s done plenty of film and TV work over the years and has (one assumes) done well for himself, but ultimately, he’s probably best known for his relationship with Jennifer Aniston.

He also apparently has a legit neighbor from hell.

Theroux has been in an all-out feud for months now with a guy by the name of Norman Resnicow, who apparently also lives in Theroux’s NYC apartment building. Resnicow filed a lawsuit complaining about noise from renovations to Theroux’s apartment, as well as a barking dog. Apparently, the guy wants Theroux to foot the bill for some soundproofing.

Oh yeah, and there’s a whole bunch of stuff claiming water damage which led to mold which led to extensive health concerns. Resnicow is suing over that, too. As a delightful added bonus, the dude inserted himself into the Aniston breakup, claiming that the relationship ended because of Theroux’s “s—thole apartment.” He may also believe – it’s unclear – that Aniston named her favorite dog Norman after him.

For his part, Theroux denies the noise issue and claims that Resnicow has been coming onto Theroux’s property and berating workers. Oh, and then there’s the fact that Theroux says that the dog hasn’t lived there for years and that there were no complaints when it did.

Things are escalating, with other residents being called in to testify about the situation. Apparently, Resnicow has allegedly been threatening people sympathetic to Theroux’s cause, verbally berating them for expressing their support and accusing them of lying.

Oh, and then there are the harpoons.

Yeah. Late last month, Resnicow allegedly confronted one of the neighbors who signed an affidavit on Theroux’s behalf with a pair of harpoons in the building’s lobby (subsequent reports clarify that they were actually log rollers that just strongly resemble harpoons), screaming and carrying on about betrayal and perjury and generally refusing to calm down.

As you might imagine, a temporary restraining order has been issued.

That’s the thing. You can romanticize the life of a celebrity if you want. And there are plenty of reasons – fame, fortune and all that. You can live a pretty glamorous life. But when you’re famous, you’re also a target. And if some lunatic gets his undies all bunched up and wants to try and make you miserable, well … he might just be able to.

Don’t get us wrong – there are crazy neighbors everywhere. It’s not like New York City has the market cornered on next-door lunatics. And those nutbars are always going to be out there, doing their level best to make the lives of regular folk just as difficult as possible.

But this? This is special. Of course, we don’t know a whole lot about Justin Theroux. Nor do we know much about this situation. Maybe there IS an excessive amount of noise coming from the renovation work being done on his place. But … what about the nonexistent loud dog? What about the trespassing? What about the freaking HARPOONS?

(Log rollers, fine, whatever, the point still stands.)

It’s a lot. Would it surprise us if it turned out that Theroux was some kind of d-bag about some of this renovation stuff? Not at all. Fixing stuff around the house can turn even non-jerks into jerks. Is Norman Resnicow an insane person either way? Absolutely. Let’s be clear – construction noise can be annoying, but it’s a mighty big leap from there to threatening people with sharp things on poles.

Here’s hoping that Resnicow will eventually Theroux in the towel.

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