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Celebrity Slam - The Game hates the player

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One might imagine that working on this feature every week allows us to tap into the pop culture zeitgeist pretty thoroughly. And one would be right – to an extent.

Here’s the thing: we find ourselves learning A LOT about the various goings-on in the celebrity sphere. We find out about budding romances and righteous beefs and a wide array of ego-driven idiocy. But the truth is that while we spend a lot of time on this stuff, we’re also, you know, old. And try as we might, us old folks tend to have trouble keeping current from time to time.

This brings us to Tekashi69.

Also known as 6ix9ine – yes, really – this dude is apparently some sort of rising star on the hip-hop scene, though if we’re honest, we’d literally never heard of him six weeks ago. Granted, our hip-hop tastes lean more old-school, because again – old.

Anyway, Tekashi69 has found himself embroiled in a fair amount of Slammable activity. For instance – and we’re kind of ashamed to have missed this – he and his crew apparently got into a full-on brawl at LAX at the end of last month. Like eight or nine guys just throwing punches in a fight that spilled out into the street – that’s how you tussle.

Just a couple of days later, there was an issue in San Antonio involving a gang member who was apparently waiting for Tekashi69 to show up so he could fight him there.

There are plenty of hip-hop guys out there who are less than thrilled with the way that 6ix9ine has been comporting himself. There’s a certain expectation with regards to how the game is played, and few know that better than … The Game.

The beef began when Game called Tekashi69 a “Fake-ass Blood” during a concert in Europe, following up by leading the crowd in a chant that was both profane and unflattering toward the younger rapper.

Tekashi69 fired back the next day, taking to social media to mock Game with this sentiment: “A kid with rainbow hair got the whole industry right now aggravated.”

As you might imagine, The Game wasn’t feeling that. His response was to post a lengthy diatribe on Instagram, one that centered around a not-so-old photo of Tekashi69 during his prep school days. It was crass and crude to the point that we really can’t reproduce much of it here (though Game does rip off a good line about the “Carlton sweater” Tekashi69 has tied around his neck in the photo).

To repeat an earlier point – we have NO IDEA who this dude is or why someone like The Game gives a crap about him. Obviously, we’re not the most tuned-in when it comes to modern hip-hop, but we’re not clueless either. Yet this weirdo faux-gangster just appeared, springing forth fully-formed from the coked-up skull of a record producer who spends too much time on YouTube.

Dudes who try this hard to be hard usually … aren’t. And while we can’t speak to the quality of his music, we can observe 6ix9ine’s behavior and feel fairly confident that he’s overcompensating for SOMETHING. What that something is, we’re hardly in a position to judge. But yeah – throwing down at the airport? You’re trying too hard.

As for The Game? You should really know better. We get it – you’ve got your own loyalty to gang affiliations that you have to maintain. But why would you take the time to even engage a dips—t like this dude? Regardless of how good or not good his music is, his rap moniker is essentially an old Hotmail e-mail address that even an idiot teenager would regret in six months. This is not a career built to last. But the more you engage, the longer he sticks around.

Are we on the same page?

Yes, we’re old and out of touch. We spend our time dreaming of portmanteaus for celebrity romances and crossing our fingers for elaborate beefs between participants of whom we’ve at least kind of heard. The acceleration of the content culture sometimes moves a bit more quickly than we’d like.

But seriously – just look at a picture of that jackass. Sometimes, we’re better off not knowing, and in the case of Tekashi69 or 6ix9ine or whatever other d-bag name he comes up with, ignorance was definitely bliss.


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