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Celebrity Slam - The eye of the beef-holder

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It’s no secret that hip-hop beefs are among our favorite things to cover here at Celebrity Slam. One, there’s always plenty of info out there – these guys love putting each other on blast via social media and diss tracks and what have you. Two, they’re almost always relatively low stakes – with a few exceptions, these conflicts tend to be mostly or entirely all talk. Three, these folks are REALLY good at it.

And so when we get to spend a little time on a beef, whether it is newly cut or long-simmering, we tend to enjoy ourselves.

The latest involves Gillie The Kid, Mack Maine and Lil Wayne. This is a long-term conflict that has recently been revived in the public eye. Buckle up, because it gets a little complicated.

So Gillie was on a podcast where he took it upon himself to explain his long-running conflict with Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records. Gillie was signed with the label once upon a time and has said on numerous occasions that he actually ghostwrote most of the songs on Lil Wayne’s 2004 record “Tha Carter.”

He went on to claim that he encountered Lil Wayne at a recent event at Jackson State University and that the rapper was shaken by coming face to face with Gillie.

“He looked up [and] I was in the doorway [he showed that Wayne offered his hand for a handshake], and [he] got the f--k out of there. Real talk.”

Enter Mack Maine.

Apparently, Mack was also at the event and took to Instagram to refute Gillie’s account of the meeting – and he brought receipts, in the form of a video that sure does look like the two men shook hands and were civil, with nobody appearing shaken in the slightest.

Mack went on to flame Gillie about his ghostwriting claims, asking who wrote the subsequent four “Tha Carter” albums if Gillie was the man responsible for the first one. Gillie subsequently expressed interest in having Mack on his podcast, because that’s the world we live in now.

See what we mean? This is precisely the kind of hip-hop beef we love, hitting all our criteria. It’s playing out via social media and podcasts. The stakes are low, with dudes posturing about how other dudes are scared of them. And these are some deft stabs from both sides, with one guy casually indicating his superiority and another showing up with video proof to the contrary.

Seriously – this is just *chef’s kiss*.

There’s something wonderful about a dude going on a podcast and telling a story intended to make him come off as some sort of tough guy, only to have another dude show up on Instagram with a video that shows that story to be an utter fabrication. We’re always here for a lie being called out, but it’s so much better when the lie in question is something like this. It’s this beautiful blend of self-serving and stupid, the kind of comment that an insecure person makes in order to cultivate how others perceive them. To his mind, it was an easy call – not like anyone would be able to prove otherwise.

Again – enter Mack Maine.

We have to admit that we kind of love how Mack handled his business here. He heard that his guy was getting unfairly besmirched and decided that he wasn’t having it. And since he happened to have hard evidence, he didn’t have to have it. Instead, he could defend his pal with ease and slide a few shots at Gillie along the way.

(Note: As far as we can tell, Lil Wayne hasn’t addressed any of this, which might make him the biggest winner of all.)

And that’s it. No one was hurt – well, not physically anyway; Gillie The Kid’s ego might be a little bruised after having his fib so utterly debunked. It all stemmed from someone talking trash on a podcast, which will never not be hilarious. And we got a little third-party shade thrown into the mix. Not a perfect beef, but a pretty good one.

It’s worth noting that we have no opinion on whether or not Gillie ghostwrote for Lil Wayne. We don’t know and we don’t care. We’re just here for the sizzle.

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