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Celebrity Slam - Streisand's duplicate doggies

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For the most part, when we’re not talking about famous folks beefing on social media or trying to create portmanteaus for new celebrity couples, we’re usually taking shots at the bizarre and/or idiotic behaviors of those in the spotlight. Goodness knows that there’s almost always opportunity to scorn, mock and generally make fun of these people as they say and do stupid things whose stupidity is delightful for us to unpack.

But every once in a while, we find a story that’s … different. It’s not the sort of story that we’re necessarily moved to mock – at least, not with the cheerful vitriol that we normally throw out there. But it’s so different, so unusual, so downright freaking WEIRD that we can’t help but devote some time to it in this space.

All of this serves to bring us to one remarkable fact: Barbara Streisand’s dogs are clones.

Yes, really.

According to an interview with Variety, Streisand was brokenhearted at the death of her dog Samantha when she passed last year. Apparently so brokenhearted that she went ahead and coughed up thousands upon thousands of dollars in order to clone her beloved pooch. The cells used were harvested from Samantha’s mouth and stomach.

The end results were new pups Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet, who have become loyal companions to Babs in their own right. In addition, there’s a third dog – reportedly a cousin of Samantha who also bears a striking resemblance.

So yeah – in case you were wondering if you and Barbara Streisand have anything in common, the answer is a resounding no.

We’re not judging Babs for finding a way to deal with the grief that comes with losing a beloved companion. But there’s something a bit unsettling about someone throwing this kind of money – and to be clear, we’re talking about a number that could easily be as high as a quarter of a million dollars – at an effort to somehow … cheat death? It’s unclear.

All three of these dogs make frequent appearances in Streisand’s Instagram feed, which … sure. Why not? You spent a fortune using potentially world-changing science for the purpose of making copies of your dog – why wouldn’t you post pictures of them doing cute stuff or whatever?

Look, we’re firm believers in the value of pets. We’ve got dogs of our own, pooches that we’ve rescued and given good homes. Their love and companionship can be a truly wonderful thing. But yeah – this is something else.

Honestly, the thing that bothers us the most about this is the fact that there are so many lovely dogs out there that are looking for homes. Dogs that are just as sweet and precious and loving as Samantha so obviously was. And to bring those dogs into your life, you don’t need a fortune and a willingness to tinker with the laws of nature.

Just so we’re clear – you DO know that Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet aren’t Samantha? They share genetics, but they are not her. So why not just go to your local shelter and give a different dog a new lease on life? Why not save a dog from an unfortunate fate and let it have a chance to live its best life?

(It’s worth wondering where James Brolin comes down on all this. He’s always seemed like a relatively levelheaded dude – at least, as levelheaded as a Hollywood lifer can be. Do you think he approves of this whole thing? Hell, do you think she even mentioned it to him before she did it? Did he even know anything about it before this interview saw print? We’re guessing that being Mr. Streisand can be pretty complicated.)

Again, we can’t honestly say that – given the resources that Babs can bring to bear – we wouldn’t attempt to do something similar with our precious pup. There’s no denying that the connections we have with our beloved pooches run strong and run deep. Maybe we would spend six figures to keep that connection. Who can say?

All that being said, we can all agree that this is some top-tier celebrity weirdness. We’re talking finest kind. Barbara Streisand is clearly a caring, deeply sensitive dog lover.

She is also almost certainly an insane person.


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