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Celebrity Slam - Silento treatment

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There are a lot of ways that famous people can get themselves some Celebrity Slam attention. We’re not picky – it’s not that hard to do or say something dumb enough to land in this space. For instance, Twitter beef – don’t we love us some Twitter beef. Or celebrity romance – beginning, ending, we don’t really care so long as we can make up a new portmanteau about it.

Another one of our favorites – something that will put you here just about 100% of the time – is pulling some variation of the “Don’t you know who I am?” card. Now, you don’t have to actually say those words exactly – DYKWIA is more of a state of mind. We might not be able to articulate it, but we know it when we see it.

This brings us to Silento.

The rapper – best known for his “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” track – was recently arrested in Georgia for leading law enforcement on a high-speed chase that at points was traveling at over 140 MPH.

Silento was arrested at around 3 a.m. on Oct. 23 in DeKalb County, Georgia after cops claim they clocked his 2020 BMW X3 sports SUV doing 143 MPH on Interstate-85, which is a 65 MPH zone.

According to reports, cops say they observed the car slowing down, changing lanes and swerving before they were ultimately able to pull it over. Apparently, when officers say approached the SUV, Silento rolled down the window, handed one of them his driver's license and said, "We ain't do nothing wrong."

Unsurprisingly, officers had a different take on the situation, telling the rapper that radar had clocked him driving at dangerous speeds. And then – the good stuff. When they asked him why he was driving so fast, Silento ventured into DYKWIA territory, saying "People be following me everywhere I go."

(See what we mean? He didn’t say the specific words, but damn if he didn’t fully capture the spirit of the thing. Just magnificent.)

It gets even better. Apparently, Silento, who said he'd just left a club where he was promoting his new track, "DXB Money," claimed he had the right to drive at those speeds. What was his justification? Glad you asked.

"If there is like 10 cars following me, I can do 143 because I am not a regular person."

(And he hits it again! It’s the rare Double-DYKWIA – not the same words repeated, but rather the sentiment reemphasized. You have to admire the commitment to the bit.)

As you might imagine, that answer didn’t sit too well with the boys in blue. They arrested Silento for one count of exceeding the speed limit, one count of failure to maintain lane, one count of reckless driving and one count of improper stopping. He was taken to DeKalb County Jail.

Now, you know we love this story. And sure, we barely know who Silento is (although you better believe we can Nae Nae like nobody’s business), but you know the fundamental mathematical model of Celebrity Slam – the less famous you are, the more egregious/hilarious your offense must be, and vice versa.

Not that it matters, because this story was too good to pass up no matter who it was. Playing the fame card twice, in different ways, is just some next level work out of Silento. And sure, the whole “people be following me” thing is relatively pedestrian as far as these things go, but man, seeming to genuinely believe that speed limits don’t apply to him because he is “not a regular person” is just spectacular. We adore celebs who lack self-awareness and sport boundless egos, and it appears that Silento is definitely one such celeb.

(As an addendum, we should note that this isn’t even the most dangerous thing he’s been arrested for in the past couple of months – back at the tail end of August, he apparently went looking for his girlfriend and wound up in the wrong house threatening people with a hatchet.)

All in all, a masterful bit of DYKWIA from our good friend Silento, one of the best examples we’ve seen in quite some time. It’s too bad, really – all he wanted was for us to watch him whip and/or nae nae.

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