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Celebrity Slam - Scoop! There it is!

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You may have noticed a recent trend in this space to broaden our horizons somewhat. While we’ve always been amenable to addressing different sorts of celebrity stories here, beyond the usual egotistical idiocy and internet beefing, the truth is that we’ve spent a little more time embracing the more positive aspects of the celebrity sphere.

It’s not that we haven’t lost our edge – far from it. And it’s not that we’ve lost our affection for pointing out and punching up at the foibles of the rich and famous. It’s just that there’s something nice about using this space to celebrate rather than scorn sometimes. We’ve gotten a taste for it, and we like it.

And you know, speaking of great tastes …

If you own a television, you almost certainly have seen the Geico commercial featuring the ‘90s one-hit wonder hip-hop sensations Tag Team singing an adaptation of their iconic “Whoomp! There It Is” about delicious ice cream. God knows they play the thing enough. In particular, if you’re a football watcher, you have been inundated with that ad.

But if you’re like us, you’re not mad about it. In fact, you’re thrilled.

Seriously, it has been a long time since we’ve found ourselves so utterly and consistently delighted by a television advertisement. Leaving aside that we (*coughcoughEdgeEditorAllenAdamscough*) are the precise right age to have deeply fond memories of the original song, there is no disputing that this new version is an absolute bop, the good sort of earworm that you’ll occasionally catch yourself singing with a smile on your face.

(Contrast that ongoing delight with the atrocity that is that weird TikTok dance-driven Applebee’s ad with that “Fancy Like” song by Walker Hayes, a combination of audio and visual that only succeeds in making us actively angry at Applebee’s. We didn’t think we could be mad at a chain restaurant’s ad campaign, but here we are. That said, we should note that our ire is directed at the corporate level – those who operate our own local Applebee’s are probably lovely people. Now get off our lawn!)

Anyway … Scoop, there it is. Good stuff. And for some lucky people, it’s going to become not just a delightful audio-visual experience, but a gustatory one as well.

Geico has reached out to Mikey Cole, founder and owner of the New York-based Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, to create a flavor that incorporates all of the ingredients that the majority of you have probably been singing to yourself since you learned what this story was about. The resulting ice cream – called, you guessed it, “Scoop! There It Is” – features a vanilla base, with cookie dough, peanut butter swirl and chocolate-covered marshmallows mixed in. You’ll have to add your own sprinkles (real heads know).

But how do we get our hands on this delicious treat? Reader – we’re going to have to dance for it.

For the next couple of weeks – until October 1 – people are invited to upload videos of themselves dancing to the (still delightful) novelty-hit-turned-jingle on social media. You have to follow and hashtag and whatnot, but we’re not going to go into the details here; if you want it bad enough, you’ll go online and figure it out.

(Note: By all accounts, Tag Team is DEFINITELY going to be watching these videos and picking the winners, so bear that in mind. Honestly, that makes us slightly more likely to do this thing that – let’s be real – we’re still not going to do. However, if you decide to do it and wind up with a pint of that ice cream, we’d be more than happy to share it with you. We’ll even bring the sprinkles.)

Is it weird that we’re here waxing rhapsodic about a decades-old rap duo becoming insurance pitchmen through the unwavering power of nostalgia? Of course it’s weird, but we’re living in weird times. Yes, this is ultimately all about some faceless monolithic corporation selling more insurance – we get that. But in trying times, we should find delight wherever we can. And say what you will, but this whole thing is f—ing DELIGHTFUL.

Scoop, there it is, thought you knew.

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