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Celebrity Slam - Rue (Logan) Paul

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One of the many things that have changed over the decade-plus that we’ve been operating this space is the evolving nature of what it means to be a celebrity. While the traditional paths to fame and fortune – film, music, sports, etc. – remain viable, the explosive evolution of social media has led to a whole new sort of celebrity.

We don’t cover a lot of internet celebs here at Celebrity Slam. Why is that, you ask? Well, we could offer up some blah blah blah about how these new paths to celebrity have cheapened the value of fame and so those who benefit from them aren’t worthy of our coverage or whatever, but that wouldn’t be the truth.

The truth is that we’re old and have no real idea who these people are, despite the fact that they have literally millions of fans.

However, the recent actions of one social media celebrity are so reprehensible that even we heard about them, and so we are able to scorn and deride him to the full extent allowed by our admittedly-analog-oriented mindset.

Logan Paul is a vlogger who achieved his fame through the development of videos on Vine and YouTube. He’s got millions of followers on a wide variety of social media platforms. He has since branched out a bit into more traditional media, but for the most part, he’s famous for doing stupid things on the internet.

But his latest stunt is terrible, tragic and utterly indefensible.

Paul has been in Japan, doing whatever idiotic crap he does. He apparently decided to do a segment in Aokigahara, known colloquially as Japan’s “Suicide Forest” because of its popularity as a place for people to go to end their lives. In the course of making said video, Paul and his crew stumbled upon the corpse of a man who had hanged himself in the forest.

And they f---ing filmed it.

Not only did they film it, which was ghoulish enough, but they actually had some chuckles about it while they did so. And then, the self-absorbed d-bag posted it on the internet, complete with his own cavalier on-screen reactions.

As one might imagine, the backlash was immediate and deafening, with thousands of people decrying Paul’s across-the-board insensitivity with regards to the entire situation. Paul only made matters worse with a self-aggrandizing “apology” that seemed aimed more at emphasizing Paul’s popularity than actually being sorry for the complete and utter disrespect he showed at every turn.

Again, we’re not in the know when it comes to Logan Paul. And with this disgusting bit of business, it has been assured that we never will be.

Look, we get that cultivating fame requires a certain degree of narcissism and ego – particularly when you’re a kid in his early 20s trying to get there by traveling the path of the social media influencer – but this is so far beyond anything that could remotely be considered acceptable behavior.

Someone died, you smug piece of s—t. Someone was so lost and scared and confused that they took their own life. And you came along and turned them into a f---ing spectacle for the benefit of expanding your dips—t brand. Do you even understand how monstrous that is, you Twitter-addled sociopath?

Obviously not, considering the lukewarm idiocy of your half-baked apology.

You might be wondering where your credit is for your initial unsettled reaction. There will be none. Frankly, it’s even worse that you expressed those feelings first; it’s evidence that you knew what you were doing was wrong and you did it anyway because you thought it would somehow elevate your profile even higher. You exploited the situation and when people got upset (something that you probably still don’t really understand), you couldn’t even apologize without making sure everyone knew what a big f---ing deal you are.

Kids watch your stuff, man. Young people watch that stuff. And for them to see you – someone they inexplicably admire – behave like this is flat-out horrifying.

Plenty of people out there had already heard of you, Logan Paul. But now people like us – people who had no idea who you were – now we know who you are. We know that you’re a soulless shill willing to do anything and everything for just a little more attention.

Well, now you’ve got the spotlight, Logan … and we’re betting it burns.


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