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Celebrity Slam - Rihanna’s hole-y PJs

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There’s a lot that comes with being a celebrity. There’s the fame and fortune aspect of it, of course, but here’s the thing – it’s easy for celebs to use the former to increase the latter. That is, they can use their fame to further build their fortunes.

You’ve seen plenty of it. Famous musicians or actors or athletes leveraging their well-known names and faces to help sell products – celebrity endorsements. You’ve got the usual stuff, of course – athletes with sneaker deals, just as one example. You get Matthew McConaughey doing those hilariously overwrought Lincoln commercials or Johnny Depp pretending to play guitar in front of a bunch of wolves to advertise Christian Dior fragrances or Benedict Cumberbatch acting like he enjoys being outside to shill Jaeger-LeCoultre watches or Mila Kunis trying to convince us that she still drinks Jim Beam.

While many of these opportunities tend to be the same kind of thing over and over again – cars and watches and luxury brands, commercial voiceovers, etc. – every once in a while, you’ll see something that’s a little out of the ordinary.

Yep – we’re going to talk about Rihanna’s assless pajamas.

The singer took to Instagram last weekend to post pictures of the latest offerings from her lingerie company Savage X Fenty. Specifically, it’s loungewear – officially titled the Tied Up Tartan Open-Back PJ Pant – that, well … is pretty much what it purports to be. Pajama pants that show your butt.

Now, this isn’t a Slam in the traditional sense – after all, we’re hardly fashion mavens here at Celebrity Slam and far be it from us to judge people for the sorts of sleepwear they’re into. All the same, it does seem a bit odd to us that anyone would want to buy PJs where their behinds are hanging in the wind.

Of course, this IS Rihanna we’re talking about. This is a woman who is utterly confident in her body, so it stands to reason that she would have no problem with sleepwear that shows off her business. And a quick scan of the Savage X Fenty website will tell you that the savings with regard to fabric are being passed along to you – a pair of those pants costs under 14 bucks before shipping.

As we said, we’re not going to judge, but it does seem like these pants are the sort of thing that are rendered a bit more attractive to the everyday buyer by the fact that Rihanna has attached her famous name to them. And look, we don’t begrudge her for diversifying her business interests – she’s shown herself to be an astute businessperson over the years, after all – but we can all agree that her fame goes a long way toward convincing people that they need to buy 95% of a pair of pajamas, regardless of how affordable they are.

It does seem as though one’s hindquarters would get a little chilly while wearing these. And what about when you sit? Not everyone is comfortable with their bare bottoms being on the furniture, but hey - what you do with your back door is your business. Suffice it to say, these probably aren’t the ideal sleepover apparel.

Then again, they’re not really the most enticing nighttime wear either. Does the sight of the top half of someone’s butt poking through a sea of flannel drive a certain type of person wild with desire? It seems unlikely, but it takes all kinds.

Ultimately, we’re not here to Slam Rihanna. As we said, she’s well within her rights to get paid. However, we must admit to being a little thrown at the idea of there being people out there who actually A) want to buy these pants, and B) want to WEAR these pants. But again, there’s a reason why Rihanna is a multi-millionaire and we very much are not.

While we spend a lot of time in this space taking swings at the various and sundry misdeeds of the rich and famous, we’re not here to condemn Rihanna. We’re not mad, we’re just confused – it’s reflective of wider society that, when someone as famous and talented and beautiful as Rihanna tells people to buy something, they go ahead and buy it.

Even if it comes with a big hole in the butt.

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