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Celebrity Slam - Pokémon Logic

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We here at Celebrity Slam try to be selective in the manner in which we cast judgment and/or aspersions on the rich and famous out there. That is to say, sure, we’re judgmental – it’s one of the primary functions of the gig – but we do our best to be judgmental in ways that are fun and silly and not hurtful.

It doesn’t always fall out that way – we do make mistakes – but since we tend to stick to real wacky nonsense and celebrity couple portmanteaux, those mistakes are relative rarities. But sometimes, we find ourselves in a position where we know that we shouldn’t judge, yet we do – and then we go ahead and write about it.

This brings us to Logic.

The rapper – who apparently retired in July following the release of his latest (and apparently last) album “No Pressure” – had a good deal of professional success during his decade or so in the spotlight. He released a handful of influential mixtapes early in his career before going on to become a multimillion-selling artist with Def Jam, releasing six studio albums, charting multiple times and embarking on a number of tours. He even wrote a book that landed on the NYT Best Seller list.

He also apparently digs Pokémon cards. Like, A LOT.

So much so, in fact, that he recently dropped roughly a quarter-million dollars to get his hands on one specific card. The card in question – a super-rare first edition Charizard – is apparently an incredibly high demand item in collecting circles. Said circles have grown exponentially in recent years, with the cards skyrocketing in value in that time.

The auction price was officially $183,812, but with the auction site’s 20% buyer’s premium, that puts the total cost to Logic at right around $226,000.

Now do you see where we were coming from with all that judgment talk from earlier? Like, we get it – it’s his money and he can and should absolutely spend it on the things that he wants to spend it on. It’s just – Pokémon cards? Really? This from a dude who cites Frank Sinatra as his biggest influence. Do you really think the Chairman of the Board would shell out six figures for a piece of carboard with an imaginary lizard on it?

Now, if this were a baseball card, we could get behind it. If you’re going to throw cash at cardboard collectibles, why not cough up for a 1948 Leaf Stan Musial rookie card or a 1952 Topps Willie Mays? Those cards both land at right around the $250K mark and are FAR superior investments to the flash-in-the-pan nonsense of Pokémon cards. Heck, for half the price he paid, Logic could go home with a PSA 9 mint 1954 Bowman Mickey Mantle – a steal at $115,000. He could even throw in a 1909-11 T206 Walter Johnson rookie card and still come in at roughly the same total price point.

And sure, we recognize that you can’t really play any kind of game with a Musial or a Mays, but it’s not like Logic is shuffling this luxury car Charizard into a deck to play in the cafeteria at lunchtime either.

Look, man – we get it. You’ve been told for years that you have to catch ‘em all. But this is not what they meant. You’re supposed to CATCH ‘em all, not BUY ‘em all. The only price you’re supposed to pay is through the blood, sweat and tears of training your Pokémon to be the best fighter there is. It’s not about money, it’s about love of the game.

All joking aside, this is pretty awesome. You have to admire a guy willing to go all-in on a hobby that he clearly loves, even if that hobby might not necessarily be what his peers would consider cool. We all have things on which we choose to spend our hard-earned money – this is Logic’s thing. Do we think it’s a wise investment? Not really, but hey – we went hard on Beanie Babies, so what do we know? If it makes him happy, then what’s the harm?

Logic – we choose you.

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