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Celebrity Slam - Oct. 31, 2012

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Baby on board

It's probably unfair to paint all rich and/or famous people with the 'bad parent' brush. In fact, it's likely that the vast majority of celebrities out there are perfectly responsible, wonderful parents or at least, no worse than anybody else. However, due to the nature of fame, we tend to hear a lot more about the few bad apples/terrible parents than we do about the good ones.

Which brings us to Kelsey Grammer.

Grammer hasn't exactly been a paragon of good judgment in recent years his ugly relationship issues spring to mind but everyone's favorite fake psychiatrist has really gone above and beyond this time.

See, Kelsey is clearly feeling his oats these days, so he figured that he'd take a trip to the legendary Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion. No biggie, right? He's a grown man who can make his own decisions. Besides, it's probably a hell of a good time.

Where Mr. Grammer erred, however, is in his choice of companion for the evening. You see, he decided that it would be a good idea to bring his 3-month-old daughter Faith to the party with him. There is an assortment of pictures floating around the internet ether; of particular note are the ones of the newborn baby strapped into her carrier, surrounded by half-empty drinks and being 'watched' by a young lady who is pretty clearly in her cups herself.

Oh, and Daddy is nowhere to be seen.

You've just battled your way through some pretty brutal relationship stuff. We get it; you probably feel like you've earned the right to blow off a little steam. There's nothing wrong with that. But here's the thing, Frasier you can have your fun, but dragging a baby to the freaking Playboy Mansion is not the kind of thing that good fathers do. It's not even the kind of thing that below-average fathers do. We're talking bottom of the barrel-type poor decision-making here. On what planet is it okay for you to drop an infant in the middle of one of the country's most well-known dens of iniquity and debauchery? It doesn't get much stupider than that.

Seriously for someone who made his money playing an intellectual sophisticate, you're displaying the parenting skills of a meth lab proprietor or God help us a TLC reality television star.

Don't hate the player

You might remember back in July when we briefly discussed a hip-hop brawl in which a member of rapper The Game's entourage beat up a guy by the name of 40 Glocc. Accounts varied as to what actually went down, but there were reports that not only did Glocc get the snot kicked out of him, but The Game may have actually pulled a gun at one point during the melee. Being the charming fellow that he is, The Game went on to post the video of the beatdown on YouTube.

Well, this incident is back in the news. 40 Glocc recently filed an assault and battery lawsuit against The Game with regards to the incident, repeating the claims that a gun was pulled.

This alone wouldn't be enough to warrant our attention. However, The Game's response to finding out about the lawsuit takes this into Celebrity Slam territory. In what is likely the absolutely worst response to an assault lawsuit ever, The Game went ahead and threatened to beat 40 Glocc up again. Seriously; the dude even said 'again' when he called Glocc out on Twitter, along with calling him some derogatory names and mocking the guy for lawyering up.

Clearly, Mr. Glocc's attorneys are doing backflips at this development.

My understanding of the legal system might not be the most thorough, but I'm pretty sure you shouldn't respond to a lawsuit by threatening to do the same thing again. Showing that you're a tough guy is one thing, but don't you think you might have gone a little too far? You know, leaving aside the fact that you had one of your buddies beat this dude up while you hid behind a gun. One might accuse you of your own brand of cowardice, sir.

Not me, of course, Mr. The Game. I would never imply any such thing. I don't want to get shot.


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