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Celebrity Slam Musings

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So we’re going to start this week’s Celebrity Slam off on a bit of a somber note, but please bear with up – it’s going to get weird and (we hope) funny as we move along.

Last week saw the passing of a true broadcasting great when Larry King died at the age of 87. King was known for many things – his conversational interview style, his ubiquitous suspenders-and-bow-tie combo, his plethora of marriages – but few who crossed his path over the years denied his contributions to the industry.

One of King’s longest-running offerings was his weekly musings column that graced the pages of USA Today for nearly two decades, from 1982 to 2001. It was a collection of quick hits and snippets, a collection of political, entertainment and personal observations loosely connected by a whole mess of ellipses.

This week, to honor Larry King, welcome to Celebrity Slam Musings, a loving parody of/homage to one of the greats.


Howdy folks, just a few random thoughts from your Celebrity Slam pals … I think that this Tom Brady kid might have a future in football … Say what you will about today’s action stars, but I’m taking Steve McQueen over Vin Diesel a hundred times out of a hundred … Homemade sauce is always just a little bit more special than store-bought … Chico Debarge recently pulled the “Don’t you know who I am?” by dropping his brother James’s name. What, was Zeppo not available?... If Elon Musk can build a rocket ship, why can’t he build a better mousetrap? … If I was a fighter, they’d call me the King of the Ring … I’m still not sure who exactly let the dogs out … I don’t care what anyone says – Tom Hanks seems like a nice guy.

It’s a shame that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas ended things before I got to break out their couple name “Afflarmas” … No one ever sends handwritten thank you notes anymore, and I say good riddance … Sure, the Avengers are exciting in their way, but when is the MCU going to give us our Micronauts movie? … Be the person that you’ve fooled your dog into believing you to be … Beanie Babies will bounce back, mark my words … Rumor has it that Kristen Cavallari and Jay Cutler are maybe getting back together and I simply don’t have the energy to give a crap? … Marty Scorsese’s got at least one more Oscar in him.

The amount of wood that a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood is inversely proportional to the number of pecks of pickled peppers that Peter Piper picked … Anyone seen this “Tiger King” thing on Netflix? … If radar guns had been as accurate in his day, Nolan Ryan would have thrown 112 … Wishing a speedy recovery to my dear friend Dr. Dre, and I do mean Dr. – he didn’t spend seven years getting a PhD in Dre-ology to be called Mr. Dre … If whoever smelt it dealt it and whoever denied it supplied it, who actually farted? … Looks like drummer Travis Barker snared one of those lovely Kardashian girls – the beat goes on … Did you know Vermont senator Pat Leahy has cameoed in five different Batman movies? More like BAT Leahy.

Attention, Eve6 Twitter account – I do in fact like the heart in a blender song … That picture of Bernie Sanders in the mittens is like Frank’s Red Hot – you can put that s—t on everything … The best pizza place in town is never the one that bills itself as the best pizza place in town … Someone give that Tim Simons fellow his own television show ASAP … Mookie Betts bowls like Jim Brown played lacrosse … Someone keeps breaking into Miley Cyrus’s storage units – could Hannah Montana be next? … I sure hope that Spinderella can find peace with both Salt and Pepa … Whatever happened to Zach Braff? … Watching television on the internet is always going to be weird to me … Give me jersey cotton sheets over silk any day of the week … What the hell is a Ducktale? … I know it’s hard out there right now, but everything is going to be OK … Take care of yourselves, everyone.


RIP, Mr. King.

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