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Celebrity Slam - Much ado about nothing

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If you’re a regular reader of this space, you know that there are certain areas in which we particularly excel. We’re awesome at creating clever and memorable portmanteaux for celebrity couples. We’re awesome at coming up with snarky and derisive commentary about the missteps of famous people. And we’re awesome at exploring the specifics of celebrity beefs.

However, the world of celebrity beef is a surprisingly complex one. It’s all very delicate – an elaborate web of shade being thrown and offense being taken. The rules of discourse have always been complicated, but the introduction of social media has rendered it even more so.

That’s what makes stories like this week’s item so interesting. See, it’s a beef, only it isn’t a beef, because while it started as a beef, it wound up not being a beef at all. Unless it is a beef. But for right now, it does not appear to be a beef, though it’s subsequent beefiness may prove to be beefier than previously beefed.

Get all that? Because we’re not sure that we did.

It all went down on Instagram, because that’s the world in which we currently live. It involves Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez and a comment on a picture that was then taken down.

Here’s what happened. So Hadid apparently posted a photo of herself on Instagram. Standard stuff – these folks love to post pictures of themselves. Gomez commented on the picture, saying “Stunning.” Complimentary, right? No big deal.

Only Hadid subsequently deleted said photo from Instagram. Afterward, internet denizens with too much time on their hands took it upon themselves to point out to Gomez that Hadid had deleted the photo – and by extension Gomez’s comment. Gomez then commented on the fan page that reposted, saying “That sucks” and adding a sad face emoji.

Why is this a thing? Well, the two women both dated singer The Weeknd. Well … kind of. Apparently, Gomez had a brief dalliance with the singer in between the multiple on-again, off-again connections between him and Hadid.

Hadid apparently reached out after getting wind of the fact that Gomez was upset, telling her that there were not ulterior motives behind the deletion – she just decided that she didn’t care for the pic.

(It’s worth noting that the only reason anyone was paying attention to any of this is because there was Instagram drama a couple of years back when the dating situation was in full flower; the two ladies unfollowed each other. Gomez has since re-followed Hadid, but Hadid has yet to return the favor; hence the notion that there was some bad blood between the two.)

Kind of astonishing that this is the world in which we live now, eh?

You might wonder why we’re discussing this particular incident since nothing really came of it. But really, that’s the point – there’s A LOT of nothing behind much of the so-called conflict that we see among celebrities, especially when we’re talking about stuff that goes down in the social media sphere. None of it means anything, yet it seems as though millions of people are consumed by it.

It’s interesting to discuss a “beef” that not only isn’t a beef, but never was a beef, a supposed issue driven exclusively by folks who are a bit too online. Think about it – neither Hadid nor Gomez would have thought much about any of this if it hadn’t been brought to their attention. So not only does Gomez get to feel bad, but Hadid has to apologize for a slight that she never intended to commit.

In a way, the situation is a microcosm for the difficulties that come with being a famous person on social media in today’s world. Literally everything you do online is up for debate; your motivations for saying or doing something don’t matter. It’s all about the perception of the act, rather than the act itself. Think about that – how people view what you say matters far more than the content of your statement. All it takes is a few internet chuds deciding that you’ve somehow wronged someone and suddenly you have to apologize to someone because you deleted your own photo.

Get over yourselves, internet idiots. Leave room for the real beef so we can dig in.

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