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Celebrity Slam - More Big Davidson Energy

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Anyone who follows this space with any kind of regularity is aware of the things we love. We don’t need to spell it out for you: we love celebrities being idiots, celebrities beefing … and we LOVE celebrities in love.

Now, ordinarily, we try and stick to stuff that is more or less confirmed. We’re not one of these gossipy features that taunts and ridicules based on rumors and innuendo. No, we taunt and ridicule based in FACTS … usually.

However, that isn’t a hard and fast rule, because it is important to us that we have some degree of leeway should something really fun turn up. And boy oh boy has something fun turned up.

If you’re on the internet at all, if you have spent even a few moments online over the past few days, than the odds are good that you have gotten a whiff of this next story, a truly delightful and Celebrity Slam-worthy item of hot celebrity goss.

To wit: Are Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson a thing?

The speculation started flying fast and furious when photographers caught Kim and Pete holding hands while on an outing at Knott’s Berry Farm (sorry, Knott’s “Scary” Farm) a couple of days before Halloween. The two were there as part of a group outing, alongside – among others – Kim’s sister Kourtney and Kourtney’s newly-minted fiancé Travis Barker. All signs pointed to the two just hanging out as friends, but then the two got busted holding hands on one of the roller coasters.

Obviously, the celebrisphere was up in arms about it all. It’s worth noting that most of the alleged insiders that have been spoken to about this burgeoning maybe-romance have stated that Kim and Pete remain friends, although there have been whispers about a surprising degree of chemistry between the two.

So, the question you’re probably asking yourself right now is this – are these idiots really going to try to spin one hand-holding photo into a whole thing? And the answer is – have you MET us?

Look, we’re honestly happy for Kim to figure out what she wants to do and get back out there. We’ve had a lot of fun at the expense of Kim and her family over the years, but we also ultimately wish everyone to find their happiness. If she needs to date around a little after the end of her tumultuous marriage, then more power to her. Go get yours!

HOWEVER … we have to ask if you’re sure that Pete Davidson is the guy for that?

Now, we’ll concede that Pete exudes a BDE (Big Davidson Energy) that for whatever reason proves nigh-irresistible to beautiful famous women. We don’t get it – like at all – but it has happened enough over the past couple of years that we have no choice but to accept it. Our guess is that while they’ve been acquainted for some time, the triggering mechanism was like the kiss the two shared during the Aladdin-themed “SNL” sketch from Kim’s hosting stint a while back. The conduit was opened and the BDE must flow, you know?

Of course, it’s extremely possible – probable, even – that should anything happen, Pete will likely serve as a rebound guy, someone with whom to have some fun before the time comes to think about getting serious. For his part, Pete gets to add another mega-famous name to his ever-lengthening list of brief romantic dalliances. It’s the sort of win-win that we often see in the world of not-at-all-serious celebrity romance.

It’ll be interesting to see how Kanye – sorry, Ye – takes it if something does indeed manifest. It’s honestly unclear. Will he take the high road? Will he get angry? Will he ignore it completely? It’s the joy of Ye – you just never know!

(Our money’s on ignoring it, for what it’s worth.)

Look, we can all agree that it’s amusing that this kind of odd-looking sort-of-funny overtly-broken man-child has somehow become the object of desire to this long list of beautiful, famous women. And yes, it’s pretty funny that he’s potentially dating Kim Kardashian.

But it’ll be REALLY funny when he dates one of her sisters.

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