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Celebrity Slam - Matt LeBlanc = Matieu McBan

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This space is generally pretty consistent. Sure, we wander a little here and there, but for the most part, the stories that we address here stay within a fairly narrow range. You know the deal – some celebrity relationships here, some Twitter beefs there, but with the exception of a few memorial-type entries, we generally stick to the idiocy of the rich and famous.


However, every once in a great while, an item comes along that doesn’t fit our usual modus operandi, yet we find ourselves compelled to include it. There’s nothing remotely Slammable about what follows, but in our quest to determine this week’s column, we found ourselves repeatedly returning to it, fascinated by its very existence even though – and this can’t be stressed enough – no one is really being any kind of jerkbag or douchenozzle. If anything, it might be one of the most wholesome things we’ve addressed in this space.

We’re going to talk about how Irish Twitter fell in love with Joey Tribbiani.

First things first – did you watch the “Friends” reunion special on HBO? Because we certainly did. Celebrity Slam is generally a fan of the whole “Friends” gang, despite the fact that its cast so rarely gets up to the sorts of shenanigans that we address here … that we know of.

Anyway, so the reunion was rather delightful for anyone with affectionate memories of the show (and don’t @ us with your “Seinfeld was better” takes – they’re completely different shows that should be enjoyed for different reasons), but for whatever reason, a still image from the special started making the rounds on the internet.

Specifically, it’s a picture of a … let’s just say “well-aged” Matt LeBlanc sitting on the iconic sofa with his arms crossed. He’s gone gray and put on some weight, which, come on, the dude is a month away from 54 and he’s rich, so cut him some slack. It’s a fine picture, but nothing special.

Except for one corner of the internet, it was truly special indeed.

The fine folks of Irish Twitter decided that this picture of Matt LeBlanc essentially epitomized their idea of the Irish uncle. For whatever reason, that idea captured the collective imaginations of Irish folks on Twitter and they made their feelings about that known.

And we have to tell you – these tweets are hilarious. Even the ones that we absolutely do not get because of their sheer Irishness. In fact, we thought it might be fun to share some of them with you here.

From @goth_peach:

“Engineering? And c'mere to me now would there be many other girls doing that or is it just you?”

From @BrianDBourke:

“Ah sure,y'know yourself,tippin away like”

From @spochadoir:

“And you paid for them jeans like that ya did, with all them holes already in them?”

From @lyonsteafan:

“Cmere to me what is it you’re studying now? Oh law right right very good ah jesus sure i’ll know who to ring so the next time i get myself into a bit of trouble!!”

And our absolute favorite, courtesy of @peterjmcgann:

“How *you* gettin on?”

These are just a few of the hundreds of delightful tweets out there, celebrating the fact that Matt LeBlanc has apparently become the spitting image of everyone’s beloved father or uncle from the Emerald Isle. And again, it can’t be stressed enough – there are plenty of these that utterly mystify us. In a good way, of course.

Look, we’re aware that this isn’t the sort of snarky bullcrap that you’ve come to expect from Celebrity Slam. And we’ll almost certainly get back to doing what we do next week. But for now, let’s just sit back and bask in the glory of one small corner of the internet bringing their A-games to a wonderfully weird little moment.

He’ll be there for ye. Erin go Bragh, Matieu McBan.

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