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Celebrity Slam - Lonely Island Boys

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It’s wild to think about just how long we’ve been talking about Jake Paul in this space. He and his brother Logan spent years making names for themselves in the idiot influencer sphere. Sure, we acknowledge that we are old and perhaps just don’t “get” what the Paul brothers were doing, but also – they made loads of cash acting like jerks on the internet, so they don’t really care what olds like us think.

And then, they gave us a whole new arena in which to mock them – literally – when they transitioned into the boxing world, taking gimmick fights and generally turning the whole thing into a sideshow.

Unfortunately for us, they seem to have actually taken the whole thing quite seriously and both men are slowly becoming legitimate figures in the boxing world. Sure, all the ridiculous three-ring circus crap continues to surround them, but it’s tough to say that the dudes can’t fight. Are they elite boxers? Probably not. But can they hang? It appears so.

That’s why we’re not taking aim at the action inside the ring at last weekend’s Jake Paul/Tyron Woodley bout. Paul won by knockout in the sixth round, if you care about such things.

No, this week we’re talking about some stuff that went down in the crowd.

Specifically, we’re going to talk about The Island Boys, 20-year-old twins from Florida who have somehow converted a widely-reviled nonsense freestyle rap recorded poolside into a viral phenomenon on TikTok. Despite the fact that pretty much everyone seemed to hate it, the twins (whose stage names, hand to God, are Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd) have converted those hate views into real money. They’ve even made an official music video … which also went viral, one assumes for the same reason.

Anyway, as it turns out, the loathing for the Island Boys transcends the online realm. See, the pair showed up for this fight – hosted in what is essentially their home turf in Tampa – and the reaction of the crowd was instant, visceral and EXTREMELY hostile.

They were essentially booed from the moment the crowd caught wind of their presence (and since they’re a pair of tatted-up dudes with extremely faux blonde spiked dreads, it’s not like they’re difficult to spot). Said booing escalated as the duo made their way to their front row seats.

And after the boos came the booze. Well, beer anyway. As in the full beer that someone in the crowd absolutely launched at these guys along with an assortment of other objects that got flung in their direction by an openly disdainful crowd.

There’s an irony here, in that these two yahoos are being maligned in the very same space where they came to watch a dude who made his name being the same general brand of a-hole fight in a boxing ring. Whether anyone involved is capable of the self-awareness to recognize that irony is questionable – it IS a Jake Paul boxing match in Florida, after all.

(This is where we confess that, despite spending a fair amount of time trolling the celebrisphere, we had literally never even heard of these dudes. We certainly haven’t heard the song that everyone seems to be so mad about, although the amount of vitriol it has inspired has us frankly kind of curious.)

Now, please don’t think that we’re condoning this kind of behavior. No matter how terrible you might believe someone’s song to be – and by all accounts, this one is truly terrible – that’s no excuse to throw trash at someone. Boo all you want, of course – it is a sporting event. But chucking beers at some dudes because you find them off-putting is unacceptable.

Although perhaps we’d feel differently if we had, you know, heard the song. Who can say, really?

We’re addressing this item this week for a couple of reasons. One, not a great week for celebrity shenanigans – everything noteworthy is too sad and/or unpleasant to make fun of. Two, it’s an interesting illustration of the nature of viral fame, an evolutionary moment captured. The Island Boys are in many ways a logical progression from the Paul brothers, onward into an internet landscape where fame and infamy are basically the same thing. Love, hate … doesn’t matter as long as the clicks keep coming. Something to consider.

But we’re still not listening to the song.

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