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Celebrity Slam - Katt scratch fever

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It’s funny – while we here at Celebrity Slam have always thrived on the consumption of beef, it seems as though we’ve gotten a particularly high grade of famous feuding recently. For whatever reason, our favorite celebs are really going at one another, finding more and weirder ways to get under one another’s skins.

Our latest installment in 2018’s Beef-O-Rama is the current battle between comedian Katt Williams and, well, actually a bunch of people, but the biggest beef is with Tiffany Haddish.

Basically, Williams went on a radio show a couple of weeks ago and just unleashed. He went in on a number of his comedic peers – Kevin Hart, Jerrod Carmichael and Hannibal Burress were among the comics that Williams swung on – but he really saved the bulk of his vitriol for Haddish.

He went HARD, too. He dismissed her as a total hack as far as her stand-up was concerned, claiming that she’s been doing this for 20 years and no one knows her jokes and that she’s never toured or had a special (it’s worth noting here that Haddish has in fact done both of those things and is actually currently working on a deal for another with Netflix; I’m sure you’re as shocked as we are that Katt Williams somehow didn’t have his facts straight when he wanted to talk s—t on drive-time radio).

He went on to say that Haddish’s breakout success in “Girls Trip” had almost nothing to do with her, that anyone could have been great working with that material and that she had somehow jumped the line to prominence. He also spent an uncomfortable amount of time equating her success to her attraction to white men; it remains unclear just what the connection was, but really, it’s Katt Williams, so who the hell knows what was going on.

Haddish, for her part, took the high road. She made a point of being magnanimous in her response to Williams, tweeting “It’s official I made it! (Katt Williams) talked about me and didn’t have his facts right!” She went on to add that she would see him at the Emmys and that she would show him love because she felt like he needed it.

Kevin Hart wasn’t interested in peace, however, choosing instead to clap back at Williams in a radio interview of his own. Hart dismissed Williams as merely being jealous and resentful of Haddish’s success, pointing out that Williams had his own shot at stardom and that he basically threw it away due to drug problems and general unreliability. He also called Williams out directly, saying “Have you ever used your platform to [expletive] bring the people that were under you up? You haven't! So, because you haven't, don't [expletive] on those that now are!!” 

For the record, Haddish was in the studio as Hart was going off, and while video seems to indicate some nodding agreement to the sentiments being expressed, she has since made it clear that as far as she’s concerned, the beef is officially squashed.

Look, if you’re anything like us, you’re kind of disappointed that Haddish didn’t go ahead and just light Williams up. Considering his behavior, he certainly deserves it. And there are plenty of spots on which a low blow or five could be landed. Escalation is like the dry rub of celebrity beef; it lends a degree of seasoning that elevated the entire dish. And yes, Kevin Hart did some work in raising the stakes (or steaks, as it were), but ultimately, Haddish was willing to just put the whole thing away – probably the smartest play on her part.

As for Katt Williams – man, you’re the worst. There are few people less pleasant than the dude who dumps all over the successes of another just because he blew his own shot. You can couch it however you want, man – it’s envy, plain and simple. And it is NOT a good look.

(Although one could argue that Williams has found a way to piggyback on Haddish’s rising star to raise his own sagging profile. If picking fights is the only way to get people to pay attention to him, well … dude’s going to pick some fights).

All in all, good for Tiffany Haddish for being an adult. Bad for us, sure … but good for her.


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