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Celebrity Slam - Kanye's stream of consciousness

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There are a few areas into which we don’t like to venture here at Celebrity Slam. We prefer to stay out of the political realm as a rule; we’re not here to get into fights, we just want to make fun of celebrities. Also, we try to avoid any situations that potentially involve dangerous mental illness issues; there are some things that just aren’t funny.

That combination of factors means that we haven’t seen as much of our old friend Kanye West in this space as we once did. Between his on-again off-again struggles with emotional balance and his independent run for President, he ticks both of those boxes.

However, good old Kanye recently went on Twitter and unleashed a rant that culminated in a bizarre and pretty gross video. What were the contents of that video?

Don’t worry – we’ll get there.

It all started when Kanye started tweeting his feelings regarding the entertainment industry. Specifically, how many in the field are predatory and take advantage of artists in general and African Americans in particular (to be fair, he’s not wrong). He cited examples like the NBA and the music business, talking about the power that comes with actual ownership stakes and claiming that the only reason he could speak this particular truth to power was because he was too rich to have to worry about the ramifications.

Of course, he then brought it back around to his own dealings with the biz, talking about his fight with Universal Music Group and his allegations that they refuse to even give him the chance to purchase the master recordings of the work he did for them, claiming that they won’t because they know he can actually afford to do it.

(As one of Kanye’s acquaintances posted at the time, it’s similar to the argument Taylor Swift made earlier this year about her own masters – a fun little connection between the (Former? We honestly don’t know?) enemies.)

But it’s what followed that really took things to the next level.

Kanye posted a video not long afterward. Said video was of one of his Grammy Awards … sitting in a toilet at his home. The video also featured Kanye … doing what people do in the toilet. Peeing. On his Grammy. No one seems quite sure whether the video is for real, but for his part, Kanye was unapologetic, captioning the vid with “Trust me … I WON’T STOP.”

He followed up by posting the personal contact information of Forbes editor and chief content officer Randall Lane, which in turn got him a 12-hour ban from Twitter – something that was relayed on his behalf to the world, weirdly and wonderfully, by former NBA player Rick Fox.

Let’s be clear about something – Kanye is 100% on point as far as the ownership gap for Black people. Particularly in the arenas that he specifically mentioned. So much of what is produced is the fruit of their labor, so why shouldn’t they have a seat at the table?

However (and it’s a BIG however), sometimes the message can get lost in the delivery. Especially when the delivery involves you posting a video of yourself urinating on a trophy. Don’t get us wrong – this is a uniquely Kanye move that is just *chef’s kiss*. And it’s tough to argue against the impact of this gesture as far as establishing your disdain for the establishment. Just a magnificent piece of work.

(Not to mention the fact that he’s still got 20 more of the things. They’re probably doorstops at this point. He probably grabs one when he forgets to buy someone a birthday present and the party starts in an hour.)

Everything about this story – from the loudly expressed and valid music industry point to the urine-soaked Grammy to the doxing of a significant figure in financial media to getting Rick Fox to tell everyone what happened – is pure Kanye. Like, we’re not even trying to make fun of him here. It’s simply exquisite, a beautiful distillation of what made it so much fun to talk about him in this space. These days, it’s a little harder to find the joy in his behavior, which makes this perfectly weird and ultimately (more or less) harmless set of circumstances a welcome throwback to simpler times.

You’re number one, Kanye.

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