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Celebrity Slam - June 6, 2012

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Celebrity Slam - June 6, 2012 AP photo
Twitter tribulations

Believe it or not, a good deal of the sayings and doings for which celebrities get slammed completely lack malicious intent. Don't get me wrong it doesn't make these things less stupid. They are very stupid. Still, most of the time, no harm is meant.

The recent controversy surrounding Gwyneth Paltrow and her Twitter feed is a perfect example.

Paltrow was in attendance at a Jay-Z/Kanye West 'Watch The Throne' show in Paris recently. She clearly was feeling it when she took to the interwebs to send this tweet: 'N----s in Paris for real.' She paired that tweet with a picture of the duo on stage.

(Please note that 'N----s in Paris' is the title of one of the Jay/Kanye songs a song that they apparently performed multiple times during the show.)

Predictably, a certain segment of the population was immediately up in arms about her use of the term, calling Paltrow out for being a racist. She essentially responded with a what's-the-big-deal tweet reminding people that yes, that was actually the name of the song.

This is one of those happy Celebrity Slam moments when just about everyone is a moron.

First to you, Ms. Paltrow. I get it it's the name of the song. That is true. And technically, you did nothing wrong. However and this is a significant 'however' you are still displaying a stunning lack of awareness. You have over a million Twitter followers, Gwyneth. Did you really believe that none of them would call you out for dropping an N-bomb? Just because you can say anything you want doesn't mean you should. Use your head.

And for the legions out there who got their panties in a twist? It's the name of the freaking song, guys. We can probably rest assured that Gwyneth who was there as a guest of the rappers themselves intended no offense. Sure, she's not too bright, but we knew that already. Getting offended for the sake of being offended seems kind of counterproductive. Let's just agree she's a nave idiot and move on.

Here's hoping that next time Gwyneth uses her head so the frothing internet masses can keep theirs.

Breaking the band

Since I'm about as musically unhip as they come, a lot of the celebrities of the recording industry are a bit of a mystery to me. I know the big names, sure, but drop down a tier or two and all musicians start to look the same.

So I don't know if the band Hollywood Undead is really famous enough to warrant mention here. However, the story that's unfolding is simply ripe for the Celebrity Slam plucking. Apologies if you've never heard of these guys, but after this tale, you might just want to learn more. They've sold over a million records between their two albums, so clearly somebody cares.

Aron Erlichman known by the stage name 'Deuce' was a former member of the LA rap/rock group who decided to leave the band and embark on some solo projects. Apparently a few of his former compatriots didn't care for the idea. Erlichman was leaving a Hollywood nightclub after a gig late last month when he was allegedly jumped by some of his former bandmates. They punched, kicked and generally just beat the snot out of him. One of Erlichman's friends was also injured when he attempted to help.

According to Erlichman, the primary culprits were FunnyMan (Dylan Alvarez) and J-Dog (Jorel Decker) two members of Hollywood Undead. Additionally, Erlichman claims that the entire confrontation was being videotaped. Police are currently investigating.

While I'm as big a fan of the intra-band beef as the next guy, this seems like a bridge too far. To go and beat up a guy who was in your band your friend just because he moved on seems harsh. Especially since the dude left the band over two years ago. That's a hell of a long time to hold a grudge regardless of what kind of d-bag you might be dealing with. There's a lot of bad blood here, but maybe it would be best to, I don't know, use your words.

Finding closure when you feel betrayed can be hard, but vicious beatdowns are rarely the answer.


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