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Celebrity Slam - June 5, 2013

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Boy band brawl?

There's no doubt that there are a lot of people out there who would love to see a boy band brawl. As it turns out, you can count Max George, frontman of The Wanted, among them.

George and bandmate Jay McGuiness made some interesting comments to the NY Daily News recently. According to the duo, the band is totally on board with the idea of setting up some sort of 5-on-5 battle royale between themselves and fellow Brit-pop boybanders One Direction.

'We would like a boxing match them against us,' George said. 'It would be brilliant for TV and I have no problem with it at all.'

He went on to say that the bout could finally put to an end any beef between the two groups a beef often exacerbated by fans via social media. 'If they have got an issue, why don't we actually do something financially like make some money for a charity and blow off some steam in the boxing ring.'

Please let this happen. Please please PLEASE let this happen. Here at Celebrity Slam, we're firm believers that there is no beef that cannot be settled by a made-for-television charity boxing match. 

Of course, it's ridiculous can any of these guys really afford to take a shot to the moneymaker? Any of these dudes gets uglied up, what then? It's not like they have their immense musical abilities to fall back on. Crooked noses and cauliflower ears aren't going to move many posters.

But if it did happen? Delightful. While it sounds like The Wanted is looking for some sort of straight up boxing tournament kind of thing we're thinking something similar to the 1989 Eric Roberts taekwondo classic 'Best of the Best' wouldn't it be so much cooler if all 10 guys were in the ring at once? A boy band Royal Rumble; seriously, who wouldn't watch that? It would probably be nothing more than a few minutes of slap fighting and shin kicking, but all it would take is one good right cross to turn that ring into Thunderdome.

Ball's in your court, One Direction. And remember it's all for charity. 

Kanye who?

You'd think that all would be hunky-dory in the world of the Kardashians. After all, the whole bunch has become rich and famous despite having no discernible skills beyond a complete and utter lack of shame. Kim's relationship with Kanye West would seem to be the pinnacle a Kardashian is half of one of entertainment's highest-profile power couples.

But there's apparently at least one member of the family who disagrees.

Bruce Jenner, former Olympic decathlete and current plastic-faced step-patriarch of the Kardashian clan, went on record this weekend as claiming that he had only met Mr. West one time and implying that the hip-hop mogul isn't really around.

Kim is less than pleased with her step-dad for the seeming indication that Kanye doesn't care about the family. She also claims that Jenner is misremembering and has met her baby daddy many times. And the evidence would appear to back that up there are tons of pictures floating around of the two men together at various events.

Perhaps this is just Bruce's ham-handed attempt at discrediting Kanye, who he may still view as some sort of rebound remember, he was unenthusiastic when the two first started dating, feeling that it was too soon after the dissolution of her marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries.

It has to be something like that, right? If Bruce's memory was really that bad, you'd think that the Kardashian power brokers would keep him off the airwaves. They have an image to uphold. It's an artificial and kind of unpleasant image, but an image nonetheless.

What does it mean if old Bruce has gone rogue? What ills might befall him if he doesn't get his act together and stop embarrassing the family moneymaker? Watch your back, man if you keep this up, you might well wind up having an unfortunate 'accident.' Sure, Kris Kardashian is your wife, but do you really think she'll let that stand in her way? She'll destroy you and not think twice about it. 

When it comes to spotlight hunger, Kris K don't play.


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