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Celebrity Slam - Hot nanny, hot candelabra

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We’ve often talked about the rule of inverse proportions here at Celebrity Slam. For those who don’t recall or are new here (welcome!), here’s the gist.

The more famous a person is, the less egregious their offense needs to be in order to make this space. And the inverse is true – the less famous the person, the more ridiculous the offense committed. It’s a nice way for us to find balance in this space; the reality is that we don’t often hit the superfamous/superstupid motherlode, so it’s nice to have some sort of mechanism in place when we need to dig a little deeper. It also serves as a good indicator as to just how ridiculous a story is about to hit your eyeballs.

For instance, when we tell you that the subject of this week’s item is a tertiary character from a Netflix reality show, then you can feel confident that whatever this person did was extremely dumb.

And it was!

Believe it or not, we’re venturing back into the world of “Tiger King” for this one. Not for any of the main players, mind you, but for Masha Diduk, known to many fans of the show as Jeff Lowe’s “hot nanny.” It’s an older story, but with word just now getting out – and with us being too sad from so many recent celebrity deaths – we figured we could all have a chuckle at this little nugget of idiocy.

So Diduk was in Las Vegas back in July, partying at the Wynn. No surprise there – that’s apparently where Lowe and his wife Lauren found her in the first place. However, her actions, well … THOSE were a little bit of a surprise.

Surveillance video caught Diduk stealing a candelabra – estimated to be worth $5,000 – off a table in a private dining room in one of the casino’s clubs. That’s bad enough, right? You’d think someone who has spent so much time in Sin City would recognize that there are cameras literally everywhere.

But no – Hot Nanny wasn’t done being dumb.

Moments later, she apparently strolled out the door wearing the damned thing on her arm like some sort of gaudy overwrought accessory. As you might imagine, it didn’t take long for security to obtain literally all the info – the license plate on the car, the name on the valet ticket, social media photo matches, the whole shebang. From there, she was detained by Wynn security and arrested for grand larceny.

And we’re still not done!

Subsequently, Hot Nanny apparently took to social media after having researched the item and finding a similar one available for just $312; she posted a screenshot along with a clown emoji, illustrating her thoughts with regard to the Wynn’s valuation of its property.

OK – NOW we’re done.

See what we mean? This person just barely clears the bar to make the D-List, celebrity-wise, so obviously she needed to do something REALLY dumb to make it onto our radar. And she did, so here we are!

We’ll start with the obvious: who the hell steals a candelabra? It’s easily one of the most impractical things to steal – difficult to conceal, bulky, and oh yeah, who even has a candelabra anymore? Just a weird choice, one likely born of poor impulse control and one too many martinis.

And to not just steal something ridiculous, but to do it from a Las Vegas casino? We’re talking about a place that is among the most thoroughly surveilled in the entire country; there is literally no way for a person to make their way out of the Wynn having stolen something from a public area without being caught on approximately a million cameras.

As for the whole looking up the candelabra to prove that it isn’t worth as much as the casino said it was, well … that’s just strange. And definitely not the own you think it is. Maybe the rationale is that the lower valuation changes the criminal charge? Regardless, it’s the ill-considered cherry atop the whole idiot sundae.

Did we know who Masha Diduk was before this story? We did not. Will we remember her name going forward? We will not. But for now, let’s just hope that she can find a (non-stolen) candle to light her way.

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