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Celebrity Slam - Here's to second chances

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We spend a lot of time in this space deconstructing the ebbs and flows of celebrity romances. However, the lion’s share of our coverage lands in one of two categories.

  1.     New romances for which we can make up a portmanteau, or
  2.     The circumstances of the breakup

Those are the two big ones. And yes, the first one allows for a celebratory vibe and we have a good time – that’s why it’s by far the larger of the two. But the second one, well … it’s sort of sad. And unless the situation is truly bizarre and/or dumb, that side of things rarely gets as much play.

This week will be different. This week, we will be discussing neither new celebrity romances not celebrity breakups. Well, one could argue that technically we’re actually doing both, but that’s neither here nor there.

This week is all about celebrity reconciliations.

Initially, we were just going to talk about Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, who separated back in 2017 after 17 years of marriage. It was a shocker to many; theirs was one of the pairings that we liked to point to as representing the possibility that yes, a celebrity marriage actually could work out.

However, in a recent interview with Elle, it was revealed that the two decided to have another go at it.

According to Stiller, it all started in the early days of the pandemic, when he and Taylor agreed that he could move back in with the family so he could be sure to still be able to spend time with their children. And from there, it evolved, with the two deciding to try again. It’s a lovely notion, this idea that proximity (forced though it may have been) reminded them of their love for one another.

Is it crazy to think that they can bring it back after such an extended period apart? Perhaps, though one could argue that it is rather telling that they never pulled the trigger on divorce. Maybe deep down they both knew what they wanted, but it took outside forces to push them in the right direction.

So that in and of itself is great, but as it turns out, there’s ANOTHER famous couple that has decided to get back on the horse, albeit a pairing that only recently announced its dissolution.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet announced last month that they were ending their four-year marriage (although coincidentally enough, they were together 17 years – the same length of time before Stiller and Taylor separated); the two stated that while they still held love for one another, the relationship had evolved in a direction where an uncoupling made the most sense.

Not so fast, Aquaman.

Recent reports indicate that Momoa moved back in two weeks ago; it appears that the two decided that they’d rather keep working on things rather than walk away.

Look, we sure do love taking the rich and famous down a peg or two. Making fun of their thoughtless idiocy and bad behavior is a great time. But we’re not all about the snark, scorn and derision here. Not all the time. On occasion, we prefer to lean less on the “Slam” and more on the “Celebrity.” And when a dual item like this one comes up, one that gives us a chance to celebrate love, well … we’re going to jump on that chance.

Hollywood romances tend to burn briefly. Too often, they’re little more than promotional tactics, an effort to get a new project out there into the spotlight. When we see those relatively few genuine lasting relationships crumble, well … it sucks. So it’s nice to see efforts being made to repair something that, as it turns out, maybe wasn’t that broken after all.

(Please note that exceptions apply. See West, Ye.)

Now don’t worry. We haven’t lost our edge. No doubt we’ll be back to talking about nonsense soon enough. And there will always be new romance and bad breakups. But for this week, we're going to bask in the warm glow of celebrity love. Love once thought lost, but now rediscovered. It’s a beautiful thing.

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