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Celebrity Slam - Hear Ye, hear Ye

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We’ve got to be honest – it has been a while since we’ve had a steady source of joyful mockery here at Celebrity Slam.

It wasn’t long ago that we had a whole wealth of famous jerks to pull from – your Biebers and Lohans and Hiltons and Sheens. For ages, all we had to do was Google a couple of names and we’d be all set for material. In recent years, those seemingly-endless founts dried up, with our go-to celebrities either cleaning up their acts or falling out of the spotlight or both.

And yet, bless his heart, here comes Pete Davidson, who has managed to capture our attention, yes, but also to bring old favorites like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – sorry, Ye – more fully into the mix.

We’ve discussed Davidson’s budding relationship with Kim numerous times in this space over the past few months – and we’ll almost certainly discuss it in the months to come, because we honestly still don’t really understand what’s happening – but this week, we’re more talking about Kim’s ex-husband and the crazy nonsense he may or may not be getting up to.

We’ll start with the thing Ye definitely did. He definitely recorded a diss track taking a swipe at his wife’s new man; the song “My Life Was Never Eazy” – a collaborative effort with The Game – contained the line “God saved me from the crash/just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

Honestly? No big deal. Diss tracks are significant cultural currency, and Ye has a history of using them to work through his feelings. It’s no surprise that Davidson would be a target – despite Ye’s best efforts to PDA his way through it with new girlfriend Julia Fox, everyone in the world knows that he’s still carrying a torch for Kim. Makes sense that he would lash out; this is actually a reasonably healthy way to do it, considering who we’re talking about.

In fact, that takes us to the OTHER thing – the thing that he may not have done.

See, word has been circulating that Ye has been spreading a rumor that Davidson has AIDS. A number of mutual acquaintances between the two have actually reached out to Davidson and expressed concern. By all accounts, the rumor is completely and utterly false, manufactured out of whole cloth.

Now, there are sources close to Ye who call the whole thing nonsense, but a LOT of people have heard this rumor – a rumor that concerned enough of them to try and touch base with Davidson and make sure he’s all right. Not because of the AIDS rumor, but because this would be a whole new level of attempted sabotage on Ye’s part.

Again, we’re not going to condemn the diss track. As we said, rapping a line about beating up your ex-wife’s new boyfriend might not be the most sensitive reaction, but in Ye terms, that practically qualifies as emotional stability. It’s how he expresses himself and he should feel free to do so.

But that other thing … ick. Now, obviously, we don’t know if this is true – that is, we know the rumors are circulating, but we don’t know that Ye is the source. However, there are a ton of people out there who think that it is. And look – are we really going to sit here and say that Ye is incapable of pulling some sort of sick maneuver like this? Because this guy has shown himself more than willing to take things to an extreme and very weird place over the years. We don’t know if he did it, sure, but COULD he have done it? Absolutely. But we don’t know.

(We’re pretty sure he did it.)

The dissolution of a relationship – even a celebrity relationship – is fraught with emotional impact. And say what you will about famous couples, but it really did seem that the love between Kim and Ye was real, at least for a while. Losing that love obviously stings, so our man here is lashing out. We’ve all been there, albeit perhaps not in the world-famous multi-millionaire weirdo way that’s playing out in this situation.

Honestly, the best thing in the world for Ye to do would be to simply let it go. If she decides to come back to him, she will, but pushing like this isn’t going to help.

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