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Celebrity Slam - Hate the player ... and The Game

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We’re always here for beef. Anyone who has ever spent any time at all with this space knows that there are few things that we love more than the sizzling steak of celebrity feuding.

The sniping can take all manner of forms, of course. The most common, nigh-ubiquitous flavor these days is via social media. Twitter and Instagram are the main culprits, the spots where its easiest to ensure that both your target and your target audience get pinpointed precisely.

That’s all well and good, but don’t discount the deep and delightful tradition of the diss track. Hip-hop stars have long been displaying their mastery of the beef game through recording songs intended to take big swings.

Speaking of game – it’s The Game.

Specifically, it’s The Game’s new album, in which he has a track featuring a fairly graphic lyric regarding his former relationship with Kim Kardashian West. The rapper held a listening party for the record last week, and word is that the lyric is pretty raunchy.

(Note: We’re no prudes, but we’re going to go ahead and not include the specifics of said lyric. Feel free to find it for yourselves – a quick Google search will do it – but we’re not prepared to quote the song here.)

For the record, the line following is apparently an apology to Kanye.

Various outlets are reporting that just about everyone in Game’s circle – his friends, his producers, his managers, everybody – has been telling him to cut the lyric, that it isn’t worth the trouble that it will almost certainly cause. But The Game remains adamant that the song is what it is going to be, rabblerousing sex lyrics and all.

Obviously, this is hugely disrespectful. While we’ve all heard all about Kim’s past – she put it out there for us to see, after all – there’s no reason to address it in such a coarse manner. It’s unfortunate that since her poor decisions of the past were made in the public eye, she has to revisit them in the public eye as well. No one should be spoken about in this way.

The Game doesn’t care about any of that, it’s true. But even leaving that aside, why on Earth would you want to pick this fight? What can it possibly gain you? OK, sure, your album gets a little extra publicity in advance of the release, but at what cost? It’s stupid.

It’s a clear effort to antagonize Kanye, who spent much of last year raging about dudes saying stuff about his wife or implying stuff about his wife or not denying they were implying stuff about his wife. There’s nothing subtle about the game The Game is playing here – he wants Kanye to go nuclear. That’s the entire point of throwing this out there in the first place.

It’s remarkable how people can be so blinded by narcissism and self-regard that they can completely ignore the good faith advice of literally everyone around them in pursuit of some petty bullcrap. It’s a true skill to be able to look into the eyes of a multitude of advisors – personal and professional – and say to yourself “All of these people are wrong and I am right. Saying gross sex stuff about someone I dated a million years ago will give me the exact kind of attention I am seeking.”

We’re not going to sit here and pretend that we understand what’s going on in The Game’s head. We don’t. Nor do we believe that Kim and Kanye have any need for anyone to leap to their defense – they’re going to be just fine, regardless of which road they choose to take. One hopes it will be the high, though one suspects it will be the low.

But really, this is the way the entertainment world operates now. The best way to ensure attention for yourself is to exploit a connection with someone who also draws significant attention. It’s distasteful, to be sure, and more than a little transparent, but it works. People who wouldn’t otherwise care – people like us here at Celebrity Slam – now know about this new album. So as off-putting and cynical as the scheme is … it worked.

In this case, it is perfect acceptable to hate the player, because he IS The Game.


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