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Celebrity Slam - George Lopez’s KISS Kruise

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One of the things we most love here at Celebrity Slam is when famous folks get angry at one another. When egos of this magnitude clash, we get a wonderful look at just how base and petty these people can be. After all, they might be rich and renowned, but they’re still people. And people can be jerks.

However, we ALSO like it when we discover strange celebrity bedfellows (and no, nothing sexy; it’s an expression – get your minds out of the gutter). It’s fun when famous friendships surprise you, when people from seemingly disparate walks of life turn out to be buddies. Odd couples are awesome.

And when a famous friendship results in famous people getting mad at each other, well … that’s the Celebrity Slam jackpot.

This brings us to George Lopez and KISS. Yes, you read that right – comedian George Lopez and classic rock legends KISS.

Apparently, there was an incident on the annual KISS Kruise (yes, that’s really what it’s called) that took place last week. The mainstays in the band – Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley – were doing a question and answer session for their fans.

(Editor's note: A previous version of this story implied that Ace and Peter are still in the band. They definitely aren't. The story has been updated accordingly.)

During the Q & A, who should stumble up onto the stage but everyone’s not-quite-least-favorite stand-up comedian George Lopez. For those who are as jarred by this seeming incongruity as we are, here’s the deal – Lopez is apparently a legit KISS superfan. Like, hardcore. And he’s also apparently become good friends with Paul Stanley along the way. So that’s why he was on the Kruise. As for why he got on stage?

He was drunk. SUPER drunk.

After plopping himself down beside the band onstage, Lopez proceeded to slur his way through a number of barely-decipherable comments. It didn’t take long for the crowd to start booing and demanding that his microphone be taken away. It got so bad, in fact, that the band’s manager actually had to leave the stage. Presumably to notify security, because Lopez was escorted away shortly afterward.

Further investigation reveals that approximately 20 minutes after being removed from the Q & A, Lopez was spotted passed out in the audience while a different band performed.

We’re not really sure just how to unpack all of this.

First, we have to address the bizarre fact that George Lopez is into KISS. Not that it should be all that weird – he’s the right age to have been full-on KISS Army during the band’s heyday – but it kind of is. KISS fans are strange animals. We’re left to wonder if Lopez is a face painter, you know? A face painter who cries when he listens to “Beth.” Will he fight to defend the honor of “Music From ‘The Elder’” or loudly sing the praises of all the band’s solo albums (except Peter Criss, because again – no one really cares about Peter Criss)?

Of course, you would think such a massive fan – particularly one who is friends with a member of the band – would try to be respectful during a fan-oriented event like this. Seriously, George – these folks probably paid outlandish sums of money to be on this boat so that they might get a chance to ask a question about why “Unmasked” is such an underrated album. Why would you take that away from them?

We’re not here to tell George Lopez how he should live his life – he’s far richer and more successful than we could ever hope to be. However, it might behoove him to consider the sorts of choices that he’s making. KISS fan? Fine. Public drunkenness? Sure. However, putting those two things together seems like you’re asking for trouble. Sure, he’s probably far from the only one on the KISS Kruise serving up that particular combo platter, but still.

That said, we assume that the KISS guys loved it. One suspects that there aren’t a whole lot of moments these days where they get to feel like big shots. Having a drunk famous person – even someone who is only “George Lopez” famous – Chris Farleying all over them was probably sweet.

We assume they would all subsequently rock and roll all night and party every day, but we can neither confirm nor deny.

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