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Celebrity Slam - Flash in the can

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Famous people have a tendency to believe that the rules don’t actually apply to them. They’ve been so coddled and enabled by the people around them – and the public at large, really – that they simply feel like they can do things that regular people aren’t allowed to do. They feel like their actions have no actual consequences.

(And honestly, thank goodness, because that sense of entitlement is what leads them to say and do the things that land them in this space. If celebrities weren’t ego-driven and lacking in self-awareness, this feature wouldn’t exist at all. That would be a real shame.)

Our latest entry in the “I’m famous so I don’t have to follow the rules” canon is actor Grant Gustin, who plays the Flash on the CW series of the same name. So what did young Mr. Gustin do? What easily-understandable and totally reasonable rule did he break?

He got busted vaping in an airplane bathroom. But, like, REALLY vaping. Vaping HARD.

Gustin was on a Sunday evening flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver when the incident in question took place. According to reports, Gustin was sitting in first class when the plane and its 68 passengers leveled off. Apparently, as soon as the seat belt signs went off, Gustin beelined straight to the bathroom, where he busted out his trusty vape pen and went to work.

Witness accounts say that the smoke (sorry, “vapor”) pouring out of the lavatory was so thick and intense that it actually caused a smoke alarm to go off and wound up seeping into the cockpit, which in turn meant that the pilot and co-pilot had to don oxygen masks.

Yes, really.

To his credit, Gustin immediately fessed up (though really, he didn’t have much of a choice – you don’t get more busted than this). He reportedly said that he wanted to relax during the flight; he didn’t put up a fight as attendants confiscated his vape pen.

The flight was not diverted, landing in Vancouver without further incident. Gustin remained on the plane and was spoken to by Canadian authorities, but was ultimately let off with a warning.

Yeah – this is an exquisite nugget of douchebro behavior.

Look, we understand that flying can be a stressful experience – though we doubt that a first-class seat from LAX to Vancouver is all that tough. The desire to find some way to relax is a legitimate one. However, there are all manner of methods in which to achieve that relaxation that aren’t expressly against the commonly-understood rules that go with airline travel.

But it’s not just the disregard for the rules, which is bad enough. It’s how blatantly those rules were disregarded. Generating that much smoke takes some work; it’s clear that the guy wasn’t even trying to hide what he was doing. He just sat there on that tiny toilet and let her rip, with zero consideration for what the consequences might be. Because again – consequences are for the plebes. TV star Grant Gustin doesn’t need to follow your rules, man.

Grant, buddy – come on. Dude, you don’t smoke on planes. It’s not just a rule, it’s one of the big ones. They tell you half-a-dozen times that you’re not supposed to do that. Did you really think that you were somehow exempt from that? At least you didn’t try to disable the smoke detector – they get REALLY mad about that one.

Some people might dismiss something like this as a simple mistake, an error in judgment by a young guy who didn’t know any better. Those people are wrong. Grant Gustin is 29 years old. He is an adult. He has been on airplanes many times and is clearly aware of the rules. Ignorance of the rules isn’t an excuse to break them, but here’s the thing – there’s no way he didn’t know the rules. As we said, they talk about them all the time.

Sure, this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. No one was hurt and everything worked out fine in the end. But it’s a perfect illustration of how celebrities struggle to conceive of a world in which they can’t simply do whatever they want whenever they want. Maybe now, Grant gets it.

Or maybe we’re all just Gustin the wind.


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