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Celebrity Slam - Fighting for free? Dumb!

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Every once in a while, we like to mix things up here at Celebrity Slam. Sure, our focus is usually on the entertainment world, but sometimes we like to venture onto the playing fields and bring athletes into the mix. There’s a fair degree of overlap, after all, and besides – fame and fortune generated by sporting endeavors is just as ego-inflating as anything you’ll get from excelling at screen or song.

However, one thing that you would think all famous people – in all arenas – would understand is that they should probably not use their own specific skill sets for free. This is what you do for a living – don’t go giving it away.

But try telling that to mixed martial artist Nate Diaz.

Diaz – whose last fight for the UFC was when he lost a majority decision bout to Conor McGregor (you know, before McGregor decided to cash in and be a crap boxer) back in August of 2016 – has been making the rounds … but not in a good way.

This week, he got into a fight in the stands at a jiu-jitsu competition called Fight to Win Pro 77. The event – which took place in Sacramento – apparently featured some students from the training school Diaz runs in Lodi, so he was there to support him. According to reports, some yahoo in the crowd unwisely decided to start in on Diaz, talking trash and otherwise being an irritating loudmouth. Diaz responded in the manner most befitting a trained fighter. You know, by fighting.

The melee didn’t last long, and while quite a ruckus was kicked up, no one was arrested.

The hilarious part is that not only is this not the only time Diaz has gotten into a fight in the stands during a low-end MMA event, it’s not the only time he’s done it this year. Heck, it’s not the only time he’s done it IN SACRAMENTO.

Back in May, Diaz got into it with another UFC fighter named Clay Guida at a Combate Americas (yes, that’s what it’s called) event in Sacramento. That brawl also was much ado about nothing, with a few dudes getting slapped but no charges being filed.

So if you’re keeping track, that’s two fights in two months – for free.

Now, we’re no experts when it comes to MMA matchmaking, but our understanding of the professional aspects of the sport would seem to indicate that if you’re going to fight dudes, you should probably be getting paid for it? Again – far be it from us to tell a pro like Nate Diaz his business, but punching randos in the stands doesn’t seem like the best model.

Leaving aside the fact that he hasn’t had a paid fight in almost two years, it would seem prudent for a guy like Diaz – whose last opponent abandoned the sport after handing Diaz his behind – to consider saving a little something for the octagon. UFC head honcho Dana White would undoubtedly prefer that Diaz save some of his ire for whatever tomato can gets trotted out to face him in his next fight (he’s currently in talks to return to the UFC as early as August), but when you’re a hammer like Nate Diaz, every mouthy a-hole looks like a nail that needs to be punched.

Of course, this also begs the question – if Diaz is such a tough guy, how are these chatterboxes escaping serious injury? The first one, we get – he was also a trained fighter and both men were surrounded by their respective entourages, so there probably wasn’t a lot of room to really get after it. But in this latest fracas, it was just some dude, right? And if a supposedly elite MMA fighter goes after Joe Schmoe, wouldn’t it stand to reason that Mr. Schmoe would get his behind thoroughly kicked? But with no arrests and no real consequences, one has to assume that Diaz wasn’t able to do much of anything against this moron.

Doesn’t bode well for your return to the ring, Nate. Just saying.

It seems pretty clear that Diaz is itching for a fight; he’s clearly on alert to start swinging at the slightest provocation. Our advice? Maybe next time, wait until someone has signed a check.


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