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Celebrity Slam - Feb. 29, 2012

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Young and crazy

We see a lot of faded stars in this space. It's easy to understand why; it must be hard to have stood at the top of the mountain, only to wind up crashing back down to Earth with the rest of us normies. However, there are always a few washed-up celebrities who take their fall from grace to a truly crazy place.

Step right up, Sean Young.

Young, who is perhaps best known for playing Detective Lois Einhorn in 'Ace Ventura,' recently found herself in a bit of a scuffle with security outside the Governors Ball, one of the glitziest of the post-Oscar parties. She was standing outside taking pictures with other celebrities for her Facebook page (seriously her Facebook page!) when security realized that she didn't actually have a ticket. They sent her away, but she soon returned, which is when the conflict took place. When she was asked to leave again, she allegedly slapped a guard, who put her under citizen's arrest.

This isn't Young's first rodeo, by the way. She actually tried to crash the Vanity Fair party post-Oscars in 2006. And of course, who can forget her drunkenly heckling director Julian Schnabel at the Directors Guild Awards in 2008, slurrily shouting 'Get on with it!' during Schnabel's acceptance speech.

It's kind of sad to see someone set fire to the tattered remnants of their career in such a public fashion, but she's clearly used to it. This kind of behavior is Quaid-level crazy. Seriously Sean Young has reached DEFCON Busey. While I will admit to feeling a certain amount of pity for her, the truth is that she's the one acting like a nutbar and trying to force her way back into the Hollywood elite. Still, a once-famous actress (she was the hottest robot ever in 'Blade Runner') lurking outside Oscar parties just to get still-famous people to pose for pictures with her is a little pathetic.

The only thing that could make this story better is if it turned out she was shouting 'Laces out, Dan!' over and over again as the cops took her away.

Rough weekend

Hip-hop artist Jim Jones had one heck of a weekend, managing to get arrested twice in three days for two very different incidents.

The big one was on Friday night, when Jones and others were at the Foxwoods Resort Casino. Sean Combs himself was the host of the 'platinum party,' intended to celebrate Foxwoods' 20th anniversary. According to sources, a rather intoxicated fellow approached Jones in the casino and proceeded to talk some serious smack. Jones ignored the guy as best he could, but when the mouthy drunk started getting physical and throwing punches, it was on. It quickly became an all-out brawl and it wound up taking five cops and some mace to subdue the rapper.

The icing on the cake would be Jones getting arrested again two days later. This time, he was in a car that needed to be moved. When the police told him to move it, he did so. Alas, upon further investigation, Jones's license came up as suspended, leading to another arrest. While Jones seemed confident that it was all a misunderstanding, it certainly didn't improve his weekend.

A story like this one kind of makes you wonder if it's even worth being famous. I mean, sure the license thing is on him. That's his bad. But having some random drunk come punch you when you won't respond to his verbal abuse? That's rough. Of course, I'd probably be more sympathetic if Jones hadn't dropped into some sort of berserker rage. Seriously, dude you were just defending yourself. In that situation, when the cops show up, you stop fighting. Just stop. Instead, they had to bring in a freaking SWAT team just to make your fists stop moving. Learning at what point the punching is supposed to stop might be a beneficial lesson for you at some point. Just saying.

All that aside, if your rhymes are half as good as your violent rampages, you've got a real future ahead of you, kid.


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