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Celebrity Slam - Ex factor

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Finding love isn’t easy. So many of us go through an assortment of trials and tribulations as we seek the person with whom we hope to spend the rest of our lives. And the reality is that even when we believe we’ve found that someone, circumstances don’t always allow our romantic plans to come to fruition.

This is all even MORE complicated when one or both of the parties involved is famous. Fame takes the everyday problems that come from relationships and amplifies them – both the lows and the highs are cranked up to 11, leaving the people involved struggling to work through whatever needs working through.

That being said, it ALSO seems that famous people have a much harder time behaving like civilized grown-ups when those relationships blow up. The glare of the spotlight is intense, and having the general public picking over the debris and detritus of a failed romance has to be hard. Still, at some point, one would assume folks would have to start acting like adults.

Alas, no.

A perfect example comes from the romantic disaster that was the Nicki Minaj/Meek Mill pairing. Those two called it quits some time ago, but a recent incident at a West Hollywood clothing store illustrates that even though both have moved on, the wounds from the situation remain fresh.

It went down last week at a high-end boutique called Maxfield. Apparently, Minaj and her new husband Kenneth Perry were at the store at the same time as Meek and his crew. Things got pretty heated, with Meek and Perry shouting at one another and various entourage members and store security personnel doing what they could to keep things from escalating.

There’s video of the incident, showing Meek being held back and eventually escorted from the store. You can distinctly hear Petty call Meek a derogatory name and Meek throw it back at him, adding that Petty refuses to face him and talk to him one-on-one without a crowd of people between them. In the background, you can hear Minaj throwing a different derogatory name at Meek and adding that he simply can’t get over her.

Initially, Meek claimed that Minaj and Petty started the whole thing, saying that he only wanted a private word with them and they went off. But sources with knowledge of the situation say that actually, Meek was there when the couple showed up and threw a nasty stare-down their way. According to the sources, that’s what actually started the fracas in the first place; apparently, Minaj and Petty didn’t approach Meek at all – they just made the mistake of walking into a store in which he happened to already be. The general consensus seems to be that Meek is still very much obsessed with Nicki, even though she has by all accounts moved on.

Considering Meek’s history of passive-aggressive pettiness with regards to the whole situation, it’s tough to imagine that he’s somehow the wounded party in this particular dust-up.

(Oh, and it’s probably worth noting: for all of Meek’s tough-guy posturing and claims that Petty wouldn’t face him like a man or whatever, Meek was rolling 10 deep with security folks and hangers-on, while Minaj and Petty were shopping alone.)

The whole thing reeks of your standard “Hold me back!” deal, wherein a guy seeks to illustrate that he very much wants to fight while making sure that someone is there to prevent that from happening. It’s stupid macho posturing at its finest.

Again – it’s a real bummer that some folks aren’t able to handle their business. And not for nothing, but if Meek DID want to somehow win Minaj back – it ain’t happening, but just for the sake of argument – maybe throwing a tantrum like a petulant child isn’t necessarily the best way to make it happen. Dropping insinuating lines into songs isn’t going to work either, champ – seems unlikely that you’re going to somehow PUA-neg your way back into her good graces. That ain’t it, chief.

We’re not going to say that Minaj and Petty handled it flawlessly – getting into a shouting match with your wife’s ex is never the right answer – but frankly, there was only so much they could do.

Sorry Meek – she’s moved on. Time to let it go. Hopefully, your legions of fans and millions of dollars will provide you some comfort in this sad time.

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