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Celebrity Slam - Don’t stop ‘til you film enough

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There are far more celebrities out there than we could possibly ever Slam. We’re simply unable to keep up with just how many famous people are out there. YouTubers and TikTok stars and Soundcloud musicians, people with multiple millions of fans – there’s a real chance that we literally could not pick them out of a lineup.

(Please note that this is by no means a condemnation of these folks and their fame. No, it is a condemnation of us, for we are old and largely out of touch, despite our efforts.)

Now, the subject of this week’s Slam isn’t that level of famous – at least, we don’t think he is, but as we’ve established, there’s a lot we don’t know – but we thought it important that we establish the fact that we have no idea.

So Daeshard. He’s a musician whose name we would almost certainly have never come across (and aren’t 100% how to pronounce) unless we saw him on TMZ doing something that was just the right combination of brazen and stupid to warrant mention in this space. And since we don’t really know who he is, we obviously needed him to do something BIG. How big, you ask?

Allegedly breaking into Neverland Ranch to film an illicit music video big.

Apparently, Daeshard shot a music video at Michael Jackson’s former estate over the summer. When people saw the video, they started to raise the alarm – they assumed that there was no way anyone would have been given permission to film there. And according to the folks at the company that currently own the place, that assumption would be correct and that the shoot was never authorized.

Daeshard claims that he was given permission to film there, but it sure sounds like they got busted sneaking in. Sources say that security spotted people roaming the grounds with GoPros back in July. According to reports, they were told that they were trespassing and were ordered to erase the footage and leave the grounds immediately. Apparently, they even erased the footage right there; security assumed that was all of it, which is the sole reason that the police weren’t called.

Joke’s on them, because Daeshard and his crew managed to hold onto enough footage to piece together a video, with the rapper doing his thing all over the ranch. He’s even posting pictures, so it’s not like he’s trying to keep it a secret. And again, he insists that he was given permission and had every right to shoot there, though oddly enough, he doesn’t seem all that interested in saying exactly who it was that gave him permission.

See what we mean? Like, we have no idea who this dude is, nor do we care to. It’s fine – odds are good that we aren’t exactly his target demographic. But you get why we’re addressing this story, right? Our general rule is that the less famous the celebrity, the more outlandish the words and/or deeds – and this is pretty darned outlandish.

While we certainly don’t condone lawbreaking of any kind, it’s tough to deny the sheer brass ones it takes to break into Neverland Ranch to film a music video and then just flat-out lie about being allowed to be there. Sure, the adage is “Better to ask forgiveness than permission,” but this is a BOLD maneuver. Again, chutzpah is something to be admired, but there’s a line.

Perhaps our favorite part of the whole thing is Daeshard’s continued insistence that someone gave him permission combined with his refusal to actually say who it was that gave him that permission. “Yeah, it was … Joe … Lamp. Joe Lamp. He’s the one who said we could go to the place where literally no one is allowed to film and film. You probably don’t know him – he’s in the Canadian office.”

Look, we’re fairly certain that this is the first, last and only time that Daeshard will be gracing this space, unless he becomes actually famous or else crashes a hot-air balloon into a football stadium or something. But hey – if you’ve only got one shot, make it count. And he might be back – never say Neverland.

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