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Celebrity Slam - D-Lo fro-yo no-go

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Anyone who has spent any time at all following this space knows that there are few things we love more than a good old beef. Delicious, juicy, sizzling beef. We love it when celebrities allow themselves to get into public fights over things that are meaningless and/or nonsensical. Usually, we derive peak enjoyment from the beefs that take place between two famous people – there’s twice as much opportunity for us to find things to scorn and deride and whatnot.

This week’s beef, however, does not involve two celebrities. It involves just one – Demi Lovato, who has spent the last couple of days going on an internet rampage. However, the best part of this whole thing isn’t the fact that it’s Demi Lovato – although that’s great. It’s who she’s beefing with.

Folks, it’s a frozen yogurt shop. Specifically, a frozen yogurt shop in Los Angeles called The Bigg Chill.

Don’t worry – we’ll explain.

So the deal is that Lovato took to Instagram this weekend to call out what she believed to be poor form on the part of the store. What did the store do? Well, they had the audacity to feature a selection of low-sugar/low-fat/fat-free stuff toward the front of one of those stores.

Lovato responded to that perfectly innocuous fact with an IG post that said:

“Finding it extremely hard to order froyo from @thebiggchillofficial when you have to walk past tons of sugar free cookies/other diet foods before you get to the counter.

“Do better please.”

She closed it out with the hashtag #dietculturevultures.

The management of the shop, clearly thrown by what certainly seems like a wild overreaction, reached out to Lovato via DM – a conversation that the singer promptly shared, claiming that by placing those items where they did, the shop was somehow shaming them and making them feel bad for wanting a treat, which … is a stretch.

After the shop explained their reasoning – that they want to make sure to have a selection of items suitable for people of all dietary needs, which, let’s be real, any normal human would have already understood – it seemed as though Lovato was placated.


She was back at it that next day, posting a picture of a Bigg Chill cookie display featuring a “guilt-free” label and ranting again about diet culture and declaring that she will not be gaslit and so on. Of course, the picture was from five years ago, but Demi Lovato’s nonsense will not be denied! She’s also continued to toss out threats that they shouldn’t mess with her, even dropping a “the customer is always right” just dripping with entitlement.

For their part, The Bigg Chill is a small women-owned business that is just trying to do right by their customers; they seem genuinely confused as to what exactly is happening and why the angry pop star has decided to target them.

Same, The Bigg Chill. Same.

This is self-important egotism at its finest. People like Demi Lovato can’t conceive of a world where everything isn’t all about them, so if she decides that something is “gaslighting” – whatever she thinks that word means – well, then it must be gaslighting. You might think if she was genuinely concerned about something like this, then maybe she’d set her sights a little higher than a local frozen yogurt joint, but see, that might have an impact on her bottom line – you never know when a major corporation might want to sign a check.

The damage that someone like this can do to a small business by spouting nonsense on a whim is real. Luckily, it sounds like there has been an outpouring of positive support for The Bigg Chill by people who recognize that Lovato is obviously projecting some of her own internal conflicts onto the store that she happened to be walking into at the time. Leaving aside that her tortured logic doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense, her unwillingness to acknowledge a reasonable explanation – and following up with a five-year-old photo to somehow “prove” her “point” – is “stupid.”

Look, we’re not here to make light of any struggles that Demi Lovato might have in her personal life. We recognize that she likely has many issues. However, those issues are not and have never been the fault of a small fro-yo shop in L.A.

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