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Celebrity Slam - Beyond beef

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The pleasure we take in digging into some nice juicy beef is well-documented in this space. There’s a lot of fun to be had in deconstructing the various petty conflicts that spring up between famous people. Some of them are fleeting, shooting stars that flash across our sightline to disappear into memory. Others linger on, feeding upon themselves in a self-involved ourobouros of ego and entitlement. Both have their merits, as far as Celebrity Slam is concerned.

However, there is one aspect of celebrity beef that we rarely address. In fact, it’s very possible that we have NEVER addressed it. What if the two parties make up?

It’s possible that we’ve dealt with squashed beef in the past, but nothing immediately springs to mind. The joy is in the conflict, to scorn and mock the oft-idiotic reasons that famous people decide to bitch at one another, whether it be face-to-face or via social media. How does one make fun of reconciliation? It’s tough to talk trash about people who have done the mature thing and come to an understanding like adults.

However, we should probably talk about this one. It seems that the long-lingering feud between Jay-Z and Kanye West has come to its end. Now, it was clear that the issues between them were fading, but the fact that Jay-Z offers up a guest verse on Kanye’s new album certainly would seem to indicate that most if not all bad feeling has been set aside.

It seems crazy that the two were at odds at all, considering the closeness on display when they teamed up on 2011’s “Watch the Throne,” but by all accounts, the middle years of the 2010s were not great ones for their relationship. Most of the reports revolve around Kanye and his behavior, though one imagines that Jay didn’t share at least some of the blame.

Let’s be real, though – their problems largely stem from Kanye’s wedding to Kim Kardashian. Specifically, that Kanye wanted Jay-Z to stand beside him as the best man, only to have Beyonce nix not only that, but their attendance at the wedding at all. Anyone who has followed Kanye’s exploits knows that he is not a man to take such a snub lightly. Nor is he someone to let go of a grudge.

Of course, Ye’s subsequent behaviors probably didn’t help things. Nor did the cryptic nature of certain guest verses that Jay-Z put out over the years – verses that could conceivably be interpreted as veiled (or not-so-veiled) shots at his former friend.

(It’s worth noting at this point that while we pride ourselves at maintaining a baseline understanding of the beef situation out there in the world, the truth is that this particular situation is so fraught and packed with nuance that we’re left with A LOT of room for interpretation. Too much, in fact. So if you’re someone out there who feels like we missed the mark with our oversimplification of all of this, we accept that criticism and hope that you can forgive us – much like Kanye appears to have forgiven Jay-Z.)

As you might have gathered, we’re not here to Slam either of these gentlemen this week. Instead, we would like to celebrate their apparent burial of the hatchet. Now, we recognize that this likely isn’t a forgive and forget situation – the forgiveness seems fairly apparent, but these are two dudes with LONG memories – but all reconciliations have to start somewhere.

Now, we’ve had a lot of fun at Kanye’s expense in this space over the years. In retrospect, perhaps we – like many of our colleagues in the celebrity gossip arena – may have been a little mean-spirited, but in our defense, he was saying and doing some wild stuff and seemed to be reveling in the reaction that it got him. It’s tough to feel bad for someone who is so obviously trolling, no matter what said trolling was rooted in.

Is this a permanent mending of fences? Who can say? These are two of the most powerful men in hip-hop; yes, they’re aging into the roles of elder statesmen, but at the same time, over 3.3 million tuned in for Kanye’s virtual listening party for the new album. I don’t care who you are – that’s relevance.

Ugh – so much positivity. Gross. Tune in next week when we get back to making fun of the famous for being idiots.

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