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Celebrity Slam - An MCU match made in heaven

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We’re on record here at Celebrity Slam with our love of love. We’re huge fans of famous folks getting together, both for the fun we can have in constructing their couple names – we do so love a good portmanteau – and for the joy we can take when, like 90% of these pairings, they inevitably crumble in a manner that indicates that maybe the relationship was more about good press than good feelings.

That being said, occasionally there’s a hookup that manages to break through our cynical façade to the gooey romantic center. These are the matches that we desperately hope are not only real in the moment, but real for the long haul. These are the pairings that we hope wind up lasting years. Decades, even. We don’t see them often, but man, when they come along, all we want is for them to last forever. Which brings us to this:


Well, not exactly, but Tom Holland and Zendaya, the Peter and Mary Jane of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have officially gone public as an item and we can’t even handle how excited we are about it. Spider-Man and MJ have always been the great Marvel love story as far as we’re concerned, so seeing this play out between the actors playing those roles has us swooning.

The couple presented themselves to the public last week after some photos of them … let’s just call it “canoodling” … came out. Once they were outed, there was no real reason to try and maintain the ruse, so they made it official.

(Note: You’ve probably already worked this out – Celebrity Slam readers are pretty smart as a rule – but when we say “we” in this particular instance, we are talking almost exclusively about CS contributor and Maine Edge editor Allen Adams, who has a tendency to lose his mind over this comic book stuff anyway. Honestly, he’s being a little weird about it, but we’re going to just hand the reins over to the boss man for the remainder of this week’s feature so that we can stop pretending this is anything other than precisely what he is dictating to us.)

That’s right, folks – it’s me!

Now, my deep and abiding love for the Marvel Universe is well-documented at this point. I love the movies of the MCU, sure, but my connection to Marvel is decades older than that. I grew up with Marvel Comics. My favorite Marvel superhero? Spider-Man. Which means that I spent A LOT of time with Peter Parker when I was growing up. And while I was a touch too young for the Gwen Stacy Era (RIP), I was there pretty much from the get-go with MJ. In a lot of ways, they were the most important fictional romance of my entire adolescence.

Obviously, this means that the connection created when Spider-Man made the leap to the big screen was important to me as well. The initial Maguire/Dunst pairing was fine. Garfield and Stone don’t count. But when Holland and Zendaya matched up, it all made sense. This latest iteration even allowed for a little time before they got together – chef’s kiss, you know?


As for the portmanteau, well – that’s where things get just a little tricky. When one of the participants is a single-name star, the number of possibilities drops considerably. But this is Celebrity Slam, where portmanteau challenges are not only met … they’re exceeded.

First things first – jettison the Tom. We’re not going to be needing that one meager syllable. That leaves us with Holland and Zendaya. And once you land here, there’s really only one way to go. Sure, you could kick the tire on Hollandaya, but to my mind, you really want to keep that Z. And so, ladies and gentlemen, I give you – Zendolland!

As you can probably tell, I am stoked for this revelation. However, I also recognize the massive danger that has been introduced. Because here’s the thing – what if it doesn’t work out? How will it impact Peter and MJ if Tom and Zendaya call it quits?

Just kidding – they’ll be together always and get married and do all the things, because that’s just how it needs to be. Zendolland forever!

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