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Celebrity Slam - A couple of Kardashian items

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Things have been a little off-kilter in this space over the past few weeks. For whatever reason, the world of Celebrity Slam has been wonky, with stories that are either really wild or really dark or really … something. And that’s been OK – there was a long stretch where we were visiting with the same handful of famous folks over and over again. That stretch appears to be over. We’ve been doing our best to steer clear, but it seems that we’ve reached an impasse:

So - let’s talk Kardashians.

We’ve actually got a couple of different Kardashian stories to discuss this week. We’ll start with the one that has more real-world implications.

Specifically, the Kardashians have come out on top in the ongoing defamation suit filed against them by Blac Chyna. The court proceedings have been happening over the past few weeks, though the $100 million suit was originally filed way back in 2017. Basically, Blac Chyna – who was in a relationship with Rob Kardashian at the time – sued because she claimed that the rest of the family conspired to sabotage her reality show with Rob and defamed her in an effort to ruin her career.

The suit involved A LOT of damning accusations being thrown around, with allegations of physical threats and violence. It got nuts outside the courtroom as well, with Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni (yes, really) threatening the judge after getting tossed from the courtroom for trashing the assorted Kardashians, though it should be noted that TT claims that her threats were aimed at Kris Jenner, not the judge, which is … better? Maybe?

Anyway, the jury sided with the Kardashians, so that’s that. Finally, something good happens to that family!

(Please note sarcasm.)

We’re not ones who have much interest in defending the interests of the Kardashians, but this sure sounded like a flimsy suit on its face. And when you combine that with Blac Chyna’s attempt to frame gun threats as jokes and her mom trying to fight the judge, well … that’s going to be a tough win to pull out.

In smaller, but much stranger Kardashian-related news, we’ve got to chat real quick about Pete Davidson. Yeah, good ol’ Pete! He’s still around! And apparently, things are changing with his relationship not just to Kim, but to her kids as well.

At least, if you believe internet sleuths looking at blurry images of a tattoo.

There’s a picture circulating – taken after Pete’s set at the “Netflix is a Joke: The Festival” comedy event in Los Angeles – that show some new ink on Pete’s collarbone. When folks zoomed in on the image, some believed the new tat was a series of letters – KNSCP. The significance of the letters? They’re the first initials of Kim and her four kids – North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

Now, if that’s what the tattoo is – and make no mistake, it could very well be something else – it would seem to indicate a degree of closeness between Pete and Kim’s kids that we haven’t see yet, as well as a new level of seriousness with regard to the relationship.

No one tell Ye.

Look, this wouldn’t be a shock if it were true. Pete’s long been a dude who wears his feelings on his sleeve, often literally, so if he felt strongly about Kim and her kids, he of course would immediately go to his standard method of personal expression – the tattoo.

And yet … it feels a little weird, right? From one angle, it looks like the act of a dude embracing the new family unit that he is in the process of joining. From another, it looks like a try-hard attempt to make sure that not only his lady, but the world at large, knows just how much he loves those kids.

Then again, those letters (if they even are letters) could stand for any number of things. The truth is that we mere mortals can’t begin to contemplate the motivations behind the actions of one such as Pete Davidson. He is who he is and that’s all there is to it.

So there we have it – a big win for the Kardashians in court and a much smaller (and MUCH weirder) win for Kim’s potential future happiness.

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